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Hepatitis A school loves!

Desi what your child again "deliver" out of school for illness? If you specter of an epidemic of hepatitis A, stay calm. There are certain precautions that should be avoided infection.

Among children, the virus fine

Hepatitis A is most commonly transmitted via the so-called orofekální. This means that the virus is excreted in the faeces. And if the infected individual is poorly washed hands can infect another person, either by direct contact or contamination of the course, which were then touches another person. In our conditions we are rarely encounter infected food. Spread of the virus in larger groups, in particular in the environment of children is relatively easy. It is therefore appropriate child learn and explain how the disease is transmitted and what to watch out for. It is very important to observe the following basic hygienic habits:
After coming out of the toilet, always wash your hands with soap and water.
It is also necessary to wash hands properly before eating.
Drinking bottle, everyone should use his and not share it with friends.
The same applies to food, cutlery lending, licking an ice cream etc.

And here it is!

If you are in school or kindergarten hepatitis A at one of the children demonstrate the need to take appropriate precautions. In addition to informing students and their parents are commonplace ensure disinfection of toilets and bathrooms and acquisition of sufficient disposable paper towels and soap. It is also important to disinfect hands - after using the toilet, but even before unpacking snacks. For example, you can use special gels. Rarely necessary educational facilities, quarantine reasons to conclude (if necessary has been done at 50 days from the last diagnosed case).

Investing in security

Vaccination against hepatitis A is not mandatory, but as unpleasant disease prevention pays off. It is very effective and safe. Anti-virus provides protection for ten years or more. In the event of imminent or ongoing epidemic vaccination is covered by the state.

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