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Classical sex are replaced by virtual experiences

Up to half of adult mobile phone includes photos and videos associated with erotica. Modern technologies, which are now a normal part of everyday life, penetrate into the area of ​​sex. Its classic shape people cease to do so and seek new experiences in the digital world.

Still better known phenomenon becomes cybersex, or sexting. But occasionally there are computer games or mobile applications associated with sex.

The largest share of sexting have sms messages and naked selfies

Sexting, indicating the electronic sharing of text messages, photos and videos with sexual content, it becomes an integral part of today's lifestyle. McAfee study revealed that up to half of adults received or sent intimate content via mobile phone. Approximately 14% of people are using cell phone records it from intercourse. And nearly 16% have submitted knowingly erotic material entirely unknown people. "It is normal that the erotic tuned images partners share with each other. Sexting, however, ceases to be taboo and sexual content people are already published on social networks. For some age groups, such as minors or the elderly, sexting is additionally less risky way than actual sex, "explained Adam Durčák (Pink Elephant). The largest 95% share of sexting have according to a survey published on the website Bustle text messages, 38% of people sending nude photos selfie and 36% of people share the sexy pictures, which do not capture them alone. Sexting use while more women than men, the most popular is the so-called mileniály, ie people aged between 20 and 30 years.

Cyber ​​dominated teledildonika

Internet environment allows to operate also called cybersex. Here, people find a wide variety of exciting activities, such as watching porn sites or chat live broadcast via webcam. The advantage is that by using the virtual world can satisfy the needs and erotic fantasies without people exposed to the risk of transmission of STDs or unwanted pregnancy. Modern technology also can present virtual sex in real high performance and come up with newer forms of experience. "Foreign news is, for example, so-called sinulátor, which is a device that connects remotely erotic. Via the internet allows both parties to control the movement of toys and enjoy the intercourse without limitation distances. These toys are referred to as teledildonika, "said Adam Durčák.

Simulators dating is popular with the Japanese, the Americans Tinder

Erotica is now also getting into computer games. Their beginning, however, dates back to the '80s. This period was one of the first text adventure called Softporn Adventure. Today's game, according to the portal in the western world open sexual content but rather shun and understated, while for example in Japan, the popularity of holding so-called dating simulators or play with a lot of erotic texts and images. Establish sexual contact can now also through mobile applications. For example, popular Tinder, an application based on pairing people with an interest in sex through GPS localization, according to a ranking published on Yahoo Style prefer to use people in the US, UK, Brazil, Canada and France.

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