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Lichožrouti in the new feature film

Lichožrouti in the new feature film Just today announces a distribution company Falcon in theaters animated gangster movie for the whole family film based on the famous book trilogy Šrut Pavel and Galina Miklínová of thieves odd socks, Lichožrouti.

Adventure story of a small wicker Lichožrouti Hihlíka, which is issued after the death of the grandfather of the safety of his home into an unknown world outside the window, armed with a child's courage stemming from a desire to belong and find your family, charmed by excluding extraordinary art page, witty dialogues, Lichožrouti songs and unusual film music itself as the form of colorful heroes, and their voices. They lent them among other actors such as Joseph Somr, Christopher Hádek, Tatiana Vilhelmová, Stanislav Zindulka, Marek Taclík, but Matej Ruppert singer or a graphic artist Aleš Najbrt.

Film Lichožrouti originated seven years.

"Sometime in 2009, he knocked on the door of our office quite picturesque bunch: Pavel Šrut writer, publisher and artist Ladislav Horacek Galina Miklínová. They had their hands full of books, pairs, teddy bears and other oddities and the idea to make an animated film. Since I Lichožrouti know, I took a week to think about it, read the first part and then we shook hands, "recalls producer Ondrej Trojan at the very beginning of the film Lichožrouti. They then have originated CGI technology, computer-generated-imagery, a computer animation.

However, to avoid a certain artificiality creators of 3D films, all modeled objects covered with textures made into tablets eventually hand pokreslovaly. "Maybe at Pixar working on this film for several hundred people. Lichožrouti had a far subtler team of about 25 people, but to my surprise and excitement, I must say that the team around Peter Horak from the studio Alkay Animation Prague proved impossible. Here it worked out that a lot of them can do more jobs at once or is Doucil and the team, "přelíval" as needed, "explains several years of work on the film director Miklínová.

Despite the complexity and sophistication of the manufacturing process of animation, but the most important result. "Lichožrouti are shot very specific, family, artistically unique with a thrilling adventure story," believes producer, Trojan, that the film will entertain really the whole family and Galina Miklínová for Lichožrouti promises " kids will laugh and worry surely. But children are afraid of love. Especially when it goes well. Moreover, it is an action spectacle. "

About Lichožrouti and their actors

Lichožrouti small knitted creatures that live in our homes and can consider that we each pair of socks will eventually only one. Socks in fact alive. Their motto was: "Do not take the whole couple." This is what all good guys film story - Hihlík, which gracefully narrated by Christopher Hádek his catty cousin Tulamor (Jan Maxián) and Ramses (David Novotny), Mafioso uncle Padre with a sullen voice, film producer Ondrej Trojan and Tough guys performed by Matej Ruppert, Ales Najbrt and Václav Koubek. But like any adventure, and Lichožrouti have its villain. Is it a renegade Kudla Dederon in great submission Mark Taclík, which is surrounded by a bunch of wild Lichožrouti Coyotes (group Vosto5), which includes the charming and sharp razor blade (Tatiana Vilhelmová), steals socks across pairs, and when it suited him, sinks and your relatives. Before Hihlíkovi manages to put the family together and protect her experiences in the film story full of humor, suspense, emotion and joy. And to top it all there is still obsessed hunter thieves odd socks, Professor Kadeřábek narrated irresistible Josef Somr, who dreamed up the Nobel prize for the capture Lichožrouti. One small pale blue hero of the movie waiting more than enough.

How enjoyed his character actors in the studio and what they were willing to do to deliver Lichožroutům the right word, they could see the audience in the video bonuses on YouTube Lichožrouti them and introduce one of the entertaining sites produce an animated film. "Some of the characters were already clear from the outset, others are intricately looking for. There were two large castings, select the proper types was really hard. What is important is smozřejmě voice timbre, blend in with the characters, but also have some special kind of chemistry that causes the actor begins to resemble postavičce at work, even when it is not in the selection. For example, Marek Kudla Taclík Dederon, "says director Miklínová choice of actors.

Lichožrouti - acting bonuses on YouTube

Christopher Hádek
Marek Taclík :
Vosto5 and Marek Taclík
Jan Novotny and David Maxián
Vaclav Neužil and Jakub Žáček
Lichožrouti start talking

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