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Instant mashed potatoes without added milk contains less kid stuff

Nothing beats homemade mashed potatoes, but when it is time to prepare, must sometimes be enough of the bag. What lies in yellow powder magazine dTest examined and compared 13 different dried mashed potato. In comparison also focused on the presence of additives which would in domestic porridge found.

Instant mashed potatoes are with us for over half a century, and during that time their method of production has not changed. Potatoes cooked in steam together with additives are processed to a pulp from which subsequently evaporate the water and dry plates potato mass is ground into flakes. "One of the raw materials used can be dried milk, but do not find it in every product. In comparison, we therefore included as porridge with milk or without it, "says Hana Hoffmann, editor of Dtest, and adds:" Large differences are found not only between categories but also within them. "

When looking at the proportion of potatoes come from comparing better slurry without milk with 99% or 98% potato content. The rest are additives including stabilizers, antioxidants, sulfites to prevent discolouration of the foodstuff and emulsifiers, which preparation enhance the absorption of water. "Allergy may take the fact that the slurry Potato Puree brand Penny slurry Maggi contain sulfites" states on account additives Hoffmann substances.

In any list of the raw materials used then lacked turmeric or curcumin (E 100) supporting or replacing yellow potatoes. Interestingly, the Declaration kid stuff built a manufacturer Knorr, who pack their porridge without milk contends that contain artificial colors and monosodium glutamate. In the production of instant mashed However, dyes with the exception of curcumin is prohibited, as well as the addition of glutamate. "Both statements can therefore be considered advertising for granted that European legislation prohibits," says Hoffmann.

The proportion in the case of potato mash with the addition of milk powder and lower than ranged from 73-96%. Causing milk powder, but also for the sum of the potato and the resulting milk were more often values ​​lower than slurries without milk. Most, 98% of potatoes and milk, declares Natura brand product. In cases mashed brand Josef Brabec Mlyn Horazdovice - Zářečí and Knorr but value fell below 90%.

Comparison therefore showed that instant porridge with milk generally contain more additives than the slurry without milk. "Slurry Albert Quality addition of milk powder also consists of dried glucose syrup, vegetable oil and flavor, and moreover, added to the mixture and partly hydrogenated palm oil. Thickening of fat can lead to the formation of harmful trans fatty acids, "says Hoffmann adds:" Palm Oil acknowledge and porridge from Vitany and Knorr, with the latter palm fat contains more than milk powder. "

A curiosity can then be considered instruction to prepare some potato mash with milk. "Vitana on the packaging says that it is enough to add only water. The instructions but then learn that addition of water is necessary to add salt and butter or margarine, as with virtually all other slurries. Knorr again as one of the slurries in all comparisons prescribes the use margarine with butter flavor. The key to understanding is probably the fact that the brand Knorr include Unilever, like Rama, Perla, Flora and Hera, "says Hoffmann.

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