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You are trying to offspring? Watch out for obstacles on behalf of cholesterol!

An excessive amount of cholesterol can for a lot of health troubles, it is already well-known fact. But its negative impact on efforts to conceive, it can be for somebody new.

In the United States recently conducted research, the results provide very interesting data on the effect of cholesterol on human reproduction. Do the research involved 501 couples treated for infertility . US scientists have primarily examined how high cholesterol are women vainly trying to conceive.

Adverse effect confirmed

Results confirmed the assumption - women who become pregnant after a period of monitoring, had the highest cholesterol levels.
Overall, it has been demonstrated that the higher the amount of cholesterol has been associated with longer time necessary for pregnancy and less fertility .
It manifested as in pairs, where they both excessive cholesterol, and where this problem suffered only a woman.
Due to maximize the accuracy of the results were mathematically evaluated in order to remove the impact of differences in age, race, BMI (body mass index) and education.

In the study were investigated total cholesterol to us about the individual subgroups not say anything. However, the authors point out that high levels of total cholesterol is likely indicates unfavorable ratio of LDL (bad) and HDL (good) cholesterol.

First check, then action

If you're trying for pregnancy, go to your physician and ask him about the laboratory cholesterol. If you find that you have actually increased it, do not take it lightly. Perhaps it was adjusting its levels will step which decides that your efforts to conceive finally meet with success. And how? If cholesterol increased a little, start with lifestyle modifications. Sometimes a small change makes miracles. More details about this can be read here . In the case of considerably higher values ​​will talk about possible solutions expert.

Author of the article: MD. Tereza Kopecká
Source: U lékař

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