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The Cement Garden at svand, shocking play about the darkness of adolescence

The Cement Garden at svand, shocking play about the darkness of adolescence Writer Peter Hůlová created for Švandovo theater individualistic stage adaptation of the famous British amendment Cement Garden. Bestselling Ian McEwan known to readers around the world and in 1993 it was founded by the film of the same name.

Švandovo theater Cement Garden will see the first ever stage processing outside the UK. Premiere viewers will see it here on Jan. 30, 2016 in the Great Hall under the direction of Doda Gombár.

Putting concrete garden in the form of a play is definitely an exceptional event: McEwan had given permission for adaptations of his works rarely. Not only on Czech stages so concrete garden appear for the first time - it will be the first theatrical representation outside the British Isles. In addition to bringing acclaimed novelist Petra Hůlová. It came from the director of the game Doda Gombár - artistic director Švandovo theater and also co-author of staging modifications - rewriting McEwanovy amendment carte blanche. "The stories of siblings has made ​​equally significant and sophisticated manner in the game kept the present as well as their parents," says access Petra Hůlová dramaturge Martin Kinsky.

Children, the house and its secrets

Concrete garden horror story tells about the fragility and the dark side of adolescence four siblings living with her parents in a house in the suburbs. Everything begins with the death of his father and overbearing mother's illness continues to build on the cease his room. Children left to their fate, but speaks and begin to pretend that nothing has changed and family life flows as before. But coming hot summer and the house will be nedýchání. From the cellar begins to waft strangely sweet smell and with it the secrets that may come to light ...

As parents, will present Bohdan Pavlikova and Tomas Pavelka. Pubertal Jack hurried plays Mark, in the role of his older sister Julie see Susan Onufrákovou, younger sister Sue plays Andrea Buršová. The youngest is played by Tom Thomas Červinek. It also appears Erftermeijer Jacob in the role of Juliet's boyfriend Derek and acting ensemble will be visiting George Weiner in the role of Tom's friend.

Fascinating stuff director gave Dodu Gombár at staging plenty of ideas and inspiration, "The Cement Garden has for me a certain irresistible mámivost, dark imagery of the secret. As if the whole cruel and extreme events happening in the fog. In a blurred perception that blends the past with the present and the living with the dead ... "
According to the director tells The Cement Garden also about the inability to break away from the world that shaped us, and from fear to accept the state of affairs in their nakedness. "The monumental stillness of being four siblings who have lost security and order, insistent pounding rhythm of silence and words. Sins, desires, passions teenage folly, loneliness, pain, soul, memories, flowers and mold ... everything is one, "adds Gombár.

He invited the artistic collaboration Eve Jiříkovský to the scene Švandovo theater has created a surreal space of an abandoned house, but also a kind of space abandoned childhood - something that was long ago and what it can not revive even after the good or the hard way. The space in which perhaps too often hear the memories ... Music for a production composed by frequent collaborator Gombárův David Rotter.

A novel that's worth something

The amendment Cement Garden is no exaggeration to say that among the iconic works of modern literature. The reader is shocked and attracted already at the time of its inception in 1978, but since then has lost none of its special urgency. In 1993, the book even more famous film director Andrew Birkin, who according to her, made globally successful film with Charlotte Gainsbourg charismatic in the role of Juliet.

In Czechoslovakia published Cement Garden soon in the journal World Literature in 1988. According to the translator Marie Válková is not allowed to come out in book form, and at one point was threatened in this issue - work openly describing, among other things, family disruption, secret burial and sexual taboos seemed too nonconformist disturbing and divisive.
"The Cement Garden is a text full of topics that I consider essential for their own work," says
the author of the novel theatrical adaptation of Peter Hůlová, adding: "They say that social norms are there to be exceeded. The Cement Garden is about when you really look at it from a foundation. It's also a novel about loneliness and love. Like all novels that worth something ... "

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