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To stay in the mountains does not become a nightmare

Slowly approaching spring break, which has many of us associated with family vacations in the mountains. Skiing is among the Czech population to popular winter activities.

Though most of us are aware that, due to the severity and range of possible injuries is a risky sport, few of us are so acting. The warning, however, the statistics speak clearly, because every winter to more than 6,000 injured skiers. It is enough to observe several principles that can protect us from serious health complications often with lasting consequences. The basic rule is the National Coordinating Centre injury prevention, which is currently funded by the Norwegian funds.

"Injuries caused when skiing and snowboarding are the most common cause of leaving the Mountain Rescue Service. In large number of cases they are mainly head injuries and spine. They occur as a result of a collision with another skier or fall on a relatively stationary surface "describes
doc. MUDr. Veronika Benesova, PhD., A professional guarantor NKCP." Although some injuries are without any permanent consequences, it is important to realize that the ultimate consequence may be irreversible paralysis. It is therefore extremely important to use the appropriate protective equipment, "he continues.

In the Czech Republic, the ski helmet are required to use only by a ski racers, although there is evidence that its use can reduce the risk of injury by 60%. This is as it should be safe ski helmet look like, given in the context of a general European standard EN 1077 (Czech version EN 1077 - Helmets for skiing and snowboarding), which distinguishes between two classes. The task of both types of helmets to reduce the risk of injury to the skull and parts of the head covered helmet. Class A protects a larger area of ​​the head and thus represents a higher degree of protection, Class B helmets are usually better ventilation and allow better hearing. To achieve full operational capability and ensure stability on the head of a helmet should be mounted as close as I comfort allows.

Criteria for choosing the right ski helmets

Size - if the helmet fits properly, there is no space between the eyebrows and the margin greater than 2-3 cm, it is always better to try the helmet.
Ski helmet should buy together with ski goggles. It is advisable to not missing fasteners for belt glasses not only back, but also on the sides of the helmet (glasses, then slip).
Weight - ideal weight ranges from 500 g - 550 g, too heavy helmet more strain neck muscles.
Quality clamping system - providing comfort and preventing the displacement of the helmet on the head and in the fall.
The inner lining - can be fixed or removable. Hygiene is an internal padding that goes removed and washed.

In addition to protective equipment NKCP advised to observe basic rules of ski operations by the International Ski Federation (FIS)
Behave on a slope so you endanger another person and cause damage.
Observe proper speed, you must always adapt his skills, current conditions and weather.
Choose such a direction of travel, in order to avoid skiers safely, which is located on the hillside beneath you.
Předjíždějte with sufficient distance and
so you endanger other skiers
If you drive to the slopes or you drive it, watch all the skiers in the space above and below you. To behave well even when stopped.
If this is not necessary, stop the always just on the edge of the slopes. Avoid poorly-arranged locations.
Skier going up the slope or missing foot should move as much as possible to the edge
All skiers on the slopes must respect the signs and signaling.
In the event of an accident, each within its capabilities required to provide assistance. It is recommended to place over the injured Mark crossed skis.
Each participant or witness an accident is obliged to provide information about yourself

A good practice is to follow other rules in place to prevent accidents. Before leaving for the mountain everyone should check the status of their equipment in the workshop. Here they take care of the appropriate setting binding or sharpening edges that move along the slope clearly easier. Definitely not overestimate their capabilities and skills and at all times they adjust driving style and speed. Stick to marked trails, and remember that alcohol, as well as on the road, not on the slopes.

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