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Safety Line: Fear of a bad report card is slowly disappearing

It called. "Wrong" certificate is no longer for children and their parents such a problem, as for previous generations of families, the statistics show safety line. While five years ago, the share of phone calls with the theme of fear of the reaction of parents, 20% of all calls about the school, now it's about five percent less.

"Children who are due to mark the Safety Line turns, often suffer from fear of how parents will react. Sometimes it's fear based on previous bad experiences with screaming or directly to corporal punishment, sometimes there are concerns about a child rather groundless, but it may panic elect abbreviated solutions and thinks about running away, "explains Peter Porubský, head of the Safety Line, which warns against ill-considered statements such as "With the bad marks or do not go home."

The child's relationship to the mark yet derives mainly from family upbringing and from the way parents react to good and bad marks. And the attitude of parents to signs a child is slowly changing and becoming more liberal. Unlike older generations that certificate perceived through the lens of "What do people say," today's parents in most cases trying to solve a broader context, leading to a 'bad' benefit. Cause? "Today, parents have available numerous educational approaches, from those of directive to the contrary, liberal. What is important is how parents are to their children actually access if they respect, they can reflect on their needs age-appropriate, they know how they set up educational boundaries and adequate manner is required, both in relation to the school and at home, "says Catherine Schmid, Director Parental lines.

Parents who are on parental line in connection with aggravation benefit their children cry, it solves, what the proper procedure to improve the signs of use. Generally, parents should develop a plan for preparing children for school and monitor their performance. It must be proportional to the disposition of the child not the parents' ambitions. "Sometimes it is advisable to organize a joint meeting of parents, the child and the teacher, which can together to talk about the successes and failures of the child and further cooperation with the school. When repeated problems it should look psychologists, special educators, who have both diagnostic tools in order to detect specific learning disabilities, but also the methods leading to their reeducation, respectively. remedy, "explains Catherine Schmid.

This does not mean, however, that problems with inadequate penalties for "bad" report card disappeared or are concerned only months when the report card gives. "Safety Line is its width of the line for any troubles and works nonstop throughout the year and the problems of school or certificates are just one of the many other problems that come to us a child can turn to, "says Peter Porubský.

What approach to the certificate you prefer?

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