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Bathroom 2016: Bold colors, metallic accessories and walk-in showers

We can expect this year installing a new bathroom? Or would you be happy if only a small detail into the latest trends? This year it will not be easy. Even a small, well-chosen change can bring your bathroom photographs from magazines on housing.

When arranging the bathroom, think of the details

Even a few accessories can transform your bathroom into an original tuned room. Designers this year, betting on striking the mirror that visually enlarge the space. This can be about classical mirror on the wall, but a significant solitary pieces that stand in space. In case you get tired, you can later move such as a closet.

"A good addition for 2016, which will uplift your bathroom, are very trendy metallic materials. In addition to classic stainless steel accessories will be popular this year for gold, steel and bronze elements that give the otherwise ordinary bathroom a luxurious and stylish look, "said Radek Prokop from the Czech family Alcaplast, who introduced bronze Antic range of products already in the last year. Minimalists will welcome another trend - matt black accessories, whether in the form of taps and towel holders.

Do not be afraid of bold colors

At first glance, the most important colors, and this year will please fans of extravagance and bright colors. You can bet on the certainty and harmonize bathroom in natural shades that probably will never go out of style, but if you want to have the bathroom as a magazine about living, do not be afraid of color combinations. One of the trends for this year are bold colors such as tropical green, canary yellow or fuschiová. If it was not for you, you can choose a combination of colors with less pronounced eye-catching pastel. Colored tiles rozzáříte space and show that you have this year's trends in the little finger. Alternatively, select only the accessories in trendy colors such as towels and bath mats.

For the daredevils we have one tip - do not be afraid or black on the walls. With a properly chosen lighting and bronze accessories, for example, as a designer WC control buttons will make your bathroom look great. That the area does not appear too dark, add it to living plants, which this year for the fans of all the modern necessities. Almost every bathroom fits ferns, but if you want something original, reach for the aloe vera, which not only looks good, but also healing.

The shower is also according to this year's trends do without trays

At present it is not true that you should opt for a shower only if you have a smaller space. Shower may be a major element in the spacious bathroom. Forget, however, a classic corner shower with a white tray and sliding doors. "Shower trays are no longer in accordance with domestic and foreign designers on the wane. The space for showering and may not be forcibly bounded, in turn, can be naturally connected with other parts of the bathroom. Additionally, walk-in showers hygienic and easier to clean, "she told trend this year Radka Prokopová.

Shower enclosures known as "walk-in" not only look good but are also wheelchair accessible. Last year, this has been a very popular and this year it should consider all those who are going to change the bathroom. The floor in the bathroom, thanks to the steps proposed uniform shower enclosure and make the compact space. If you decide to shower without shower tray, it is important to choose a quality floor drain to prevent water from overflowing showers to other parts of the bathroom. Focus on the flow rate of water, ideally at least 60 liters per minute.

When comfort and safety not look at trends

The bathroom is usually the first place where we're going after waking, and also often the last night before going to sleep. It is therefore important for us to feel comfortable in it. Beyond current trends and can be recommended today already standard equipment that we can make the time in the bathroom pleasant. What should not be missing in the bathroom independently from the changing trends? Heated floors, warm lighting and anti-slip measures.

When installing a new bathroom, think of the floor heating, which later harder going. Recommended temperature in the bathroom by energy companies 22 to 24 ° C and especially in the winter months, heat is coming from the feet very comfortable. With the convenience and security are linked by the bathroom provide non-slip action. Whether you opt for a bath or shower, always think of the rougher surface, which reduces the likelihood of slipping.

To think about safety when selecting lighting, which should always be covered against splash water. Do not worry multiple sources of light - the intense light will allow you to paint well or shave his face, mild and warm light appreciate when relaxing. Now the bathroom is a place where both the morning going to work, so in the evening after a hard day resting. Therefore, pay her enough time digging.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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