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Ten thousand salmon eggs hatch in a special incubator in the river Kamenice

Ten thousand salmon eggs are incubating in Wednesday incubation boxes placed in the river Kamenice in Czech Switzerland National Park. Tested method so as to return the river Elbe Atlantic salmon that people are exterminated. Incubation mailboxes will be based on daily water temperatures opened in March. Ichtyologové then evaluate the success of hatching and hatched fish released into the boxes Kamenice.

"The method of hatching eggs in the incubation boxes are tested among other reasons, it is not completely elucidated the mechanism, which in small salmon leads to so-called 'homing', ie how a salmon create a link to the home watercourse," says George Křesina the company Belec, which Clipboard installs. "This year we will try for the first time, a new type of incubation boxes, so-called floating box, from which we expect to be resistant to the deposition of river sediments."

"The tasks of conservation are not only preserving and improving conditions for the species of our territory have been preserved. If it is in our power, it must be eradicated species in our nature also actively come back, "says
Pavel Benda, director of the National Park Czech Switzerland." It's good when you reintroduction projects combine different approaches. Therefore, the spring discharge of salmon fry and autumn discharge of larger fish added also ongoing incubation of eggs. "

The restoration of Atlantic salmon into tributaries of the Elbe, Czech fisherman tries since 1998. After the creation of the National Park Czech Switzerland is the effort to reintroduce Atlantic salmon also a priority in the management of the national park, which discharges the annual spring fish fry conducted in cooperation with the Czech Fishing Union since 2008 regularly autumn adds so-called discharge půlročků ie small salmon size 8 to 10 cm. Salmon tributaries of the Elbe River in Saxon Switzerland, an annual return on average numbers of dozens of individuals. The aim of the management of the park is to strengthen this stock until it is self-sufficient and will not have the support of human need.

Management of the National Park Czech Switzerland in the reintroduction of Atlantic salmon also involved public. As part of a program called Return of salmon among other things, allows adoptions of small salmon by sending an SMS donations. Adoptive parents may then fall "their" salmon come too drained. Those interested can find details on


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