, social magazine celebrate the arrival of the first year of the monkey in Moravia celebrate the arrival of the first year of the monkey in Moravia Authentic demonstration of traditional Peking opera Monkey King by members of the China Drama Academy, a charming singer-songwriter Jan Burian at the piano, jazz, folk music and traditional Czech and Chinese folk songs by Feng-yun Song and finally unmistakable humor Jaroslav Dusek. In Olomouc, cutlery, Brno and Znojmo this week starts the 15th year of the festival starts and thus also the celebration of the Chinese New Year Monkey.

Rich evening program but is far from the only thing going to the festival for visitors. In each of the cities even before the main concert strike 16 hours, free of so-called open. Pavilion games that both small and large offers visitors entertainment full of creativity and relaxation. Incoming will also be able to taste high-quality teas from around the world and reveal the secrets of proper preparation of this traditional Chinese drink.

The festival kicked off yesterday in Olomouc Theatre on Santovka, and will continue today in the refectory of the monastery Piaristic in Pribor, tomorrow HaDivadlo in Brno and on Saturday, February 6 closes the first weekend in Znojmo Beseda.
Next weekend will continue its journey after the Czech cities, including Prague and final festival weekend will belong to southern Bohemia.
Tickets can be purchased at the box offices of the festival scene, prices are moving in a welcoming range from 150 to 300 CZK.

Only a few days left till the moment when we bid farewell to the Year of Sheep, and the government according to Chinese astrology assumes Fire Monkey. And who else should be the central figure of the Monkey welcoming than the mythical hero of ancient Chinese legends of the Monkey King? It will be the eponymous traditional Beijing opera, which happens to be one of the highlights of the 15th annual program of multicultural music festival

"The stories about the brave monkey warrior who, along with a monk and other animal heroes goes beyond the sacred scriptures, may at first perceived as engaging children's fairy tales, but in fact contain powerful philosophical subtext," says
the founder of the festival Feng-yun Song and adds: " monkey king is one of the traditional repertoire of Beijing Opera and the figure of the king is a popular actor warrior type. This is a very attractive theatrical show and I believe that for the spectators it will be a rare musical and cultural experience. "

Visitors of all ten Czech and Moravian towns where this year will come, can enjoy the well-known story framed by the typical Chinese music and inimitable singing, traditional colorful makeup and original costumes. Performance of the opera in the abbreviated version will take up two of the outstanding representatives of the younger generation of actors who specialize just on the traditional repertoire of Beijing Opera and at the same time both a professor at the Chinese Academy of Drama in Beijing.

Songfest 2016 - the festival scene

4. 2. 2016 Silverware Piaristický monastery - refectory
5. 2. 2016 Brno Ha Theatre
6. 2. 2016 Znojmo Znojmo Beseda

11. 2. 2016 New Pilsen JK Tyl Theatre
12. 2. 2016 Hradec Kralove Drak Theatre
13. 2. 2016 Prague Palac Akropolis

18. 2. 2016 Sand Malthouse ops
19. 2. 2016 Czech Budejovice South Bohemian Philharmonic
20. 2. 2016 Czech Krumlov Municipal Theatre

A detailed program for each city is available at .

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