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Healthy skin in winter? The basis is a regular hydration!

If you want your skin to restore health during the winter months, you have her attention. The base is in the form of regular care moisturizers that maintain the physiological balance of the skin and thus ensure its daily protection.

Skin to function properly requires a certain degree of humidity. Dry winter air, adverse weather conditions and overheated room, however, for skin health are the enemy number one. Excessive drying of the skin leads to an increase in peeling the outer layers of the skin, itching and tearing. These changes lead to further drying damaged skin and the problem gets to a vicious circle. Dry and cracked skin loses its protective function and becomes a gateway infectious microorganisms or allergens.

Freezing weather that can really aggravate your skin not only healthy, but especially that damaged other diseases, such as atopic dermatitis or psoriasis. The skin is therefore during the winter need to protect certain compliance measures and regular hydration using emollient creams.

Tips on skin care

Do not overdo it with water temperature. One of the most problematic parts in this regard are the hands that washes several times a day. Prefer warm water before and after each hot wash their hands or body, apply a moisturizing cream on the skin.
During the winter, take particular care selection of soaps, shower and body care products. Prefer delicate products without added perfumes. Strong preparations with deodorant or antibacterial effects can greatly aggravate the skin.
When leaving home except you forget to take warm clothes with gloves. Hands are in fact together with the face of freezing weather most exposed.
Even during the winter do not forget the sunscreen, especially if you set out on the mountain. Experts recommend using creams with a protection factor of at least 15 to 30 Lip balms with SPF should be commonplace.
Effect of overheated rooms on the skin can moderate turn down the heating, ventilation, and frequent use of humidifiers. Target value of humidity should be between 30-50%.
Hydrates is not needed only the outside but also the inside. Regular drinking regime in the form of water or fruit teas to be observed even if it is outside the temperature ranges below the freezing point.

Delivery lost moisture

Their skin from parching best protect moisturizing creams. Promašťování namely dry skin improves its insulation and leads to the regeneration of damaged cells. Not just for allergy sufferers can be recommended beauty products free of parabens, synthetic dyes and perfumes, which are the ideal choice in care of the daily skin damaged by freezing weather.

The author: Jakub Holešovský
Expert guarantor article: MD. George Náhlovský

Source: U lékař

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