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So that (only) the joints are fit

If you suffer from rheumatic disease, then you know that exercise is the most important method of how to keep in shape. Convince you that can really play sports painlessly and with minimal risk to the joints, it is our goal today.

Water only in summer

An ordinary walk in the deep pool below waist level reduces the weight acting on the joints by 50% compared to walking on solid ground. Appropriate activity is also water aerobics, during which agitates his arms and legs in the water that you will reach just after breast - on the joints here has about 75% less costly than conventional aerobics "on land". If you like swimming, try it! This move requires the activity of almost the entire musculoskeletal system, and additionally strengthen the circulatory system and heart.

Turn it on the greens

Golf is an elegant sport where you walk in nature, clean up your head from the worries and even stretch your arms, wrists and hands. Just walking alone on the soft turf is very beneficial and helps to reduce pain. Before starting, be sure to warm up - Stand up and gently rotate the body as if you wanted to hit the ball. To warm up, use light sticks at first and gradually proceed to the more difficult.

The bike is eternal

If golf is focused more on the upper body by cycling the opposite is true.
To avoid excessive stress on the joints, adjust the seat so that even when the accelerator pedal to the floor was still your knee slightly bent.
Before the start, wear gloves that will alleviate shocks when driving on rough terrain. This saves not only your fingers, but also wrists and elbows, where vibrations are transferred.
We recommend choosing a particular adapted bike trails.

Group stretching body

The operation just pilates mat and experienced teacher, who will show you exercises suitable for rheumatism. Since this activity can promise stretching and strengthening the entire body, including the spine. In Pilates, as well as in other sports, but true: Never push yourself and perform exercises only to the extent that you feel discomfort or pain. If you are comfortable with a slower pace, visit yoga classes that will increase your flexibility, strength and mind more positive mood.

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