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Prague Zoo was born first anteater!

The Prague Zoo is celebrating another success in breeding. January 20 have been born baby Giant Anteater, one of the most bizarre mammals on Earth. For the Prague Zoo's first born baby anteater in the history of their breed. They are the proud parents of Ella female and male Hannibal, who came to the zoo in the summer of 2014.

At cub Giant Anteater is truly exceptional view. It looks like a miniature of his parents and spends the first few weeks on the back of his mother. So when visitors to closely focus on female Ella, will see a small anteater, as she tightly.

Ella Hannibal came to Prague Zoo in 2014 after a twelve-year break in breeding large anteaters. Ella comes from Warsaw and Hannibal from Madrid. The new environment they both got used to fairly quickly, but it took about three months before she found affection. A role it could play in also that although in nature are normally anteaters males larger than females, with a pair of Prague opposite was true. Today, three years Ella was at his arrival Hannibal compared to about a quarter larger and weighed about ten kilograms more, even though the two are the same age.

Ella, although the first birth, the cub's very good care and a sense of threat if it actively discourages. Small anteater currently weighs 1990 grams and he is well. Visitors to Prague zoo it can be seen from Friday, Feb. 5 in the exposure of large anteaters, which is located near the pelicans at the former Pavilion of large mammals. Mother and calf still spends most of his time in the delivery box, which still remain concealed for some time. It can see them when Ella goes to the next exhibition, which gets around noon feeding.

Great anteaters came to Prague Zoo in the 50s, but it never failed to breed. This year's newborn cub is therefore a great success and the breeders themselves from his birth have a sincere joy.

Anteaters have a very distinctive appearance. The tubular snout holds up to 60 centimeters long, sticky tongue. They specialize in collecting social insects, particularly termites and ants, which are able to consume per day to 30000 (in the zoo are fed a special mash). Hard termite rozhrabou using their strong, long claws.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo: M. Bobek, Prague Zoo

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