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CTI it can assist in resolving disputes

From February 1 applies new legislation to deal with consumer disputes. In addition to the Czech Trade Inspection also help Czech Telecommunications Authority, Energy Regulatory Office and the Financial Arbiter. dTest will also ask for credentials Ministry.

Consumers should simplify the path to justice and solve problems with entrepreneurs. The amendment to the Consumer Protection Act enshrined the long-awaited system of alternative dispute resolution. "With disputes from everyday consumer life, such as wrongly rejected claim or unreturned money during withdrawal, it is possible to contact the Trade Inspection," says Milos gin and describes the process: "when you are finished talking with an entrepreneur yourself, you can initiate proceedings. If the proposal will arise, whom it concerns a recount in detail what was going on, prompts entrepreneurs to inspection solutions. It has 15 days to comment and collaborate, otherwise you may get up to million-dollar fine. "

Businessmen outside it have on consumer amicable resolution to inform the best in their business conditions or complaints orders. Professional disagreements remain specialized agencies, which have slightly different procedures. The result of the process should be a mutual agreement to resolve a dispute between entrepreneurs and consumers.

"The solution should take a maximum of 90 days, exceptionally complex cases at double time," says
Juniper, adding: "If at the Trade Inspection advantage of this opportunity, it can greatly facilitate the enforcement of consumer rights. Few in fact decides to turn to with their claim to court. Court resolution will not be charged. "The weakness in turn, may be the fact that within an unresolved dispute shall be terminated and the consumer then nothing else than the court of choice.

The law allows the exception of the Czech Trade Inspection solve disputes and consumer organizations, but they require special authorization from the Ministry of Industry and Trade. "DTest had decided to pursue this mandate, our current system to help consumers on the Web proved and two years we have solved more than seven thousand controversies, that we will certainly continue, "said Juniper.

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