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Mold and dust mites - Perpetrators of winter allergies

The pollen season is long gone, and yet you continually posmrkáváte, tears and pokašláváte? Because colds would at least temporarily resolved, it is probably an allergy. This may annoy even in winter - primarily due to a well-concealed lodgers.

In the colder months, it is natural that he would rather remain at home, drowning and windows closed if possible leave. But in warm, damp and unventilated environments thrive dust, mold and dust mites. And those appointed are common causes of allergic reactions. Dust may contain scales skin of animals, in the case of mites cause problems of their droppings and dead bodies. And the symptoms of "home" allergies? As with the pollen they are mainly:
burning and itchy eyes and nose,
watery runny nose ,
teary eyes.

It is of course necessary to distinguish between signals of a cold or flu from hypersensitivity. Infectious conditions rarely last more than ten days and the above symptoms are appointed by them adds fever and muscle and joint pain.

A quick fix is ​​medication

Whether you are really allergic to confirm through blood or skin tests allergist . On that basis, can prescribe medication that will relieve the unpleasant symptoms. Drug are called. Antihistamines. Prevents leaching of histamine, the main mediator unpleasant reactions from mast cells. Antihistamines in tablet form acts throughout the body, but there are also those that have only a local effect (for example in the form of eye drops). Since allergic rhinitis or asthma turn relieving sprays and inhalers with locally acting corticosteroid. The solution, which does not have immediate effects, can also be allergen immunotherapy. Its essence lies in the fact that the organism is injected progressively with the increasing amount of allergen. The body gets used to it and stop its presence answer overreaction.

The fewer, the better

Allergens in your abode will never get rid of it completely. But can they amount to maintain an acceptable level.
Remove wallpaper, carpets and shower curtains, for which the holding mold.
Wash bathroom disinfectants, which destroys mold spores.
Wash bedding weekly in hot water (60 ° C).
Use air purifier with a HEPA filter to remove dust dwelling.
In common household allergic to better withstand without animal hair (eg. Fish or reptiles). If you have a dog or cat, they should not be lost in the bedroom.

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