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In America, described the new tarantula. One is named after Johnny Cash

Ten-year survey of large spiders in the United States brought success in the form of 14 newly described species of tarantulas. Although it is a widely animals cast in lead roles horror movies about their lives, and indeed the true extent of their species richness is it yet known to very few.

"We often hear about the newly described species discovered in exotic and obscure corners of the country, but those newly recorded tarantula commonly find in our backyards," says a pleased Chris Hamilton, lead author of the study. It was he who for ten years has motivated team of biologists from Auburn University and Millsaps College in extensive investigations, which should be done in American tarantulas finally order. According to Hamilton it was earlier on the United States reportedly recorded more than fifty different species of tarantulas, but mostly they were wrongly classified copies or poorly described. Over their real numbers there was considerable uncertainty.

Most American tarantulas are a lot like them to accurately determine just enough description or picture. Scientists in monitoring coined "integrative" approach, which included both passive description and record behavioral data on the incidence and genetic sampling. Gradually it passed through the hands of biologists more than 3,000 different tarantulas, collected at the sites of frost in the foothills of the mountains on a hot deserts of the American Midwest to the common courtyards and adjoining American households. In practice it was the longest and most extensive comparative study on spiders in the USA.

"It is sad that while the earth was rushing to a sixth mass extinction, yet still do not know the actual size of the diversity of life," said
Hamilton. "And even with such a tremendously charismatic groups, such as tarantulas." In the largest-ever US unique personally considers the genus Aphonopelma whose representatives are characterized by very variable sizes. You encounter here at the spider, which fits well on a dollar coin varieties that are with their bodies six inch (without feet) true nightmare arachnofobů. Fourteen new species described thus increased the number of US (documented and verified) on tarantulas 29th

Among the newly described species of the region from Mississippi to California will please Aphonopelma johnnycashi, named after the famous singer and songwriter Johnny Cash. It is no accident that the males of this species are characterized by distinctive black and that he is able to find almost within sight of Folsom jail.

Most American tarantulas are currently due to the high numerical states not among the endangered species. The exceptions are two types described in the mountainous areas of Arizona, which complicate the life of collectors, construction of recreational facilities in the wilderness, countryside urbanization and climate change.

Despite the horrific vibration, which often cause us tarantulas, is said by Hamilton reason to worry. "Attack first, they are not dangerous. In essence, the eight-legged tarantulas like a puppy. "

Compiled by EureAlert .

Author: Radomír Dohnal

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