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Skoda Motorsport, after eleven years in the World Rally Championship in Sweden

Skoda Motorsport, after eleven years in the World Rally Championship in Sweden Successful team enters February 12 to 14 with their factory riders Pontus Tidemandem and Esapekkou Lappia to fight for the title in the FIA ​​World Rally Championship 2016 (WRC 2) on ice and snow. In addition, there Jonas Andersson will celebrate its premiere at Skoda in the traditional Nordic venture. Experienced co-driver will be the first to navigate the Asia-Pacific champion Pontus Tidemanda on common home rally.

"The whole team Škoda Motorsport impatiently waiting for the first participation in the rally in 2016," said the head of motorsport Hrabánek. "In the new season we have a lot to resolved and we hope the successful start," said Hrabánek and added: "With our new Škoda Fabia R5 still have to gather experience from the rally on ice and snow. In addition, we must not forget that in Sweden, we will be starting for the first time since 2005. "

At that time, Jani Paasonen and Mattias Ekström DTM Champion with Skoda Fabia WRC placed in ninth and tenth place in the WRC category. This time, the goal of both factory riders damage during the second event of the season, the World Cup podium in WRC 2. On the road, however, they will need good nerves. The only true winter rally in the championship is because despite the tires fitted sharp spikes very slippery issues on the icy ground with snow walls on the edge.

To what extent will the track to the west of Sweden and northern Norway actually winter and ice, however, is still a question: thaw last weekend forced organizers to shorten the rally, from 21 to 13 stages. Among other things fell off a spectator test at the start of the rally on Thursday evening in Karlstad. Instead, the rally will start this morning SS Torsby. It is also on the agenda of the summit Swedish Rally, test Vargåsen with the legendary Colin's Crest jump.

"The Swedish Rally is my home rally, so it's always my absolute peak," said
Pontus Tidemand. "Hugely looking forward to the first rally with my new navigator Jonas Andersson and I hope to be able to use his experience and that home run up front," Tidemand said. The 25 year-old rider will contest the World Cup in his homeland participating for the fifth time. His best placing was still fifth in the WRC 2 last year. Tidemandův new co-driver Jonas Andersson came home twice on the podium in the WRC. "This is obviously the aim this time. We want to go for podiums in the WRC 2, "said Andersson.

With a similarly big ambitions at the start and go Esapekka Lappi / Janne Ferm. After a third place in the overall classification WRC 2 in 2015 would be in this season should be even better. In January this year garnered Lappi its startup at the legendary Monte Carlo Rally in a privately-seeded Fabia R5 important experience on ice and snow. "I hope that we can use. Our major goal is to finish the rally and get the most points in the overall classification WRC 2, "said Lappi. On both factory riders expect strong opponents, like Elfyn Evans. The Brit after winning the Monte Carlo Rally WRC leads the overall classification 2nd

FIA World Rally Championship (WRC 2)

Rally Monte Carlo: 21.1-January 24, 2016
Rally Sweden: 2.12-February 14, 2016
Rally Mexico: 3.3-March 6, 2016
Rally Argentina: 04.21-April 24, 2016
Rally Portugal: 19.5-May 22, 2016
Rally Italia: 6.9-June 12, 2016
Rally Poland: 01.07.-July 3, 2016
Rally Finland: 28.7-July 31, 2016
Rally Deutschland: 8.18-August 21, 2016
Rally China: 8.9-11 September 2016
Corsica Rally: 29.9-October 2, 2016
Rally Spain: 10.13-October 16, 2016
Rally Great Britain: 10.27-October 30, 2016
Rally Australia: 11.17-November 20, 2016

Did you know that ...

... On the starting list are eight Škoda cars? Besides the factory drivers Esapekky Lappiho and Pontus Tidemanda plan to start with the new Fabia R5 also Hubert Ptaszek, Ole Christian Veiby and Teemu Suninen. Swedes Johan Kristoffersen and Glenn Ström will go to the previous model with the Fabia Super 2000. The Norwegian Henrik Elvestad will start the car with the Fabia R2.

... Swedish Rally was in its infancy summer now? Its first edition in 1950 was still named "Rally of the midnight sun". Up from r. 1965 rally held regularly in winter. Since its inclusion in the World Cup in 1973 Swedish Rally is almost always on the Championship program. The only exceptions: in r. 1994 the company was part of the FIA ​​World Cup for cars with a capacity of 2 liters in 1974 and 2009, even not happen at all.

... On ice lines in Sweden goes on studded tires? Each tire is fitted with steel spikes 380 that are 20 mm long and weighs four grams.

... Each competing car must carry snow shovels? They are in the car in case it were necessary after a car off the road to dig out of the snow.

... Service park this time is centrally located in the harbor in Karlstad? Last year the rally center in the north still lying in Hagfors.

... Highlight of the rally on Saturday SS Vargåsen? The legendary Colin's Crest jump is named after the rally legend Colin McRaeovi. Record for the longest jump held since 2015. Thierry Neuville is 44 meters.

... Center of Karlstad rally got its present name from King Charles IX.? In 1584 the monarch gave this place the city law. Today, in the province of Värmland Karlstad over 60,000 inhabitants and is a university town.

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