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Apply in addition to the flu vaccinations especially good hygiene!

Insidious viruses to us in the winter dorážejí from all sides. If you bet on vaccinations, you can only wait and see if you avoid the flu, or at the time you discard from active life. Try to at least prevent an invisible enemy by following good hygiene.

The most effective defense against influenza is vaccination. If prevention fails, it will be thanks to vaccination, your body ready to antibodies to fight the virus. The substance does not contain whole virus particles, but only part thereof. Why? Cells of the immune system recognize microbes according to certain sites on their surfaces, like you see in the photo known only by face. In the body it is sufficient to incorporate a structure containing the typical places and defensive system will initiate the immune response. Thus, when it comes true influenza infection, the organism responds faster.

Hands as a gateway

Handwashing us as a major health rules already instilled parents. Yet we are often forgotten. Rinse we should, before eating, after using the toilet or after it, when someone shake hand. Influenza and some other microbes is spread by droplet infection. Which means that the body of a sick person, the virus multiplied and the environment gets in the form of microscopic droplets when they cough or sneeze. So direct air or indirectly by contact with a contaminated object reaches the hands of them while eating into the mouth or rubbing your eyes on the conjunctiva and from there spread into the body. Wash we had hot water and soap for at least 20 seconds. Instructions on proper technique can be found on the Public health Institute .

Keep your distance

It is clear that none of us can not and does not want to live in a hygienic bubble. And if you keep around to spray disinfection, you look a little strange. Your neighborhood but certainly understand a certain reluctance to hold hands with someone who coughs and sputters around recklessly. Nor is it inappropriate, if from time to time with disinfectant wipe your desk and keyboard. It is the work of a person comes into contact with the greatest number of people, and it is important to observe the principles of hygiene with regard to all involved.

In conclusion, we offer three tips flu, which will hopefully be followed more easily than strict hygiene:
Indulge yourself enough rest and sleep.
Build your defenses motion, like walking.
Eat good food, forget plenty of raw fruits and vegetables.

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