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The skin itself can not resist frost. Hit time!

And winter temperatures below freezing may not be reflected romantically-looking red cheeks. Skin many of us during the cold months literally suffers. It becomes dry, crackling and sometimes adverse conditions reacts with eczema. How to avoid such inconveniences?

The basic measure by which it is possible to skin during the winter to protect them adequate hydration. Before you purchase a quantity of expensive advertising and illustrious creams, consult an expert. The dermatologist will help determine what your skin at the moment most needed. Some recommended product may be available only in pharmacies and need not cost more than a few dozen crowns.

suitable consistency

Although you have proven one particular type of cream, which she loved for the rest of the year you use, you may have noticed that in the winter as it did not work. The reason may be the fact that it is prepared on the basis of water. The frost is preferable to give priority to products containing oil, because water freezes at low temperatures and can damage the skin. Also perfect consistency of the products used varies depending on the season and weather conditions. While in summer it is better to use a light moisturizer in the winter are more favorable denser preparations and ointments.

Beware of the winter sun

If you spend a vacation in the mountains, you have to buy a cream with a sufficiently high protection factor. Sunbeams far from jeopardizing the skin only in summer!

Danger lurks at home

Skin loses moisture also in dry, overheated rooms. The solution is to humidify the air using professional equipment or ordinary wet towel draped over heating. Attention should we also be served hot baths, which, although they are very nice, disrupt the protective lipid barrier of the skin. Prioritize therefore lukewarm water and do not stay in the bath too long.

Also protects your hands

Particular care is needed during the winter months too hands. Their skin is thin and prone to cracking, Treat moisturizer and wear gloves.

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