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Canned sardines - mainly differences in taste

Did you know that when you buy a tin of fish with the word "sardines" may it be a place of true sardines different kinds of fish, such as herring and sprats? Consumer magazine dTest decided to investigate further the quality of canned sardines and sent to the laboratory 17 products from the Czech shops. The largest differences were reflected in the sensory evaluation.

dTest get tested, most commonly sold sardines in oil and sardines in brine and oil. "The positive findings of the test are that the actual weight of the fish is different from the average weight listed on the package, although in individual cases, we found differences in more than one tenth. We did not encounter even on the substance, which would point to corrupt the contents of cans, or to significant quantities of heavy metals, dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls, "summarizes the positive test findings Hana Hoffmann, editor-dTest.

Canned fish belongs to the inventory of many pantries in Czech households. Not every conservative "sardines" but actually contains sardines. Trade name "sardines" can be put on cans that contain other types of fish than the right sardines. In addition to herring and sprat also need sleďovce or anchovies, a total of more than twenty different species of fish. The result benevolence legislation in this area as canned called "Baltic sardines" with real live sardines in the Baltic and given tin contains small sprats. Right sardines are caught in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic along the Iberian Peninsula. However, because the manufacturer can be called sardines and other fish and it should mark the location of their catches, they fished out of the Baltic sprats bear the name of Baltic sardines.

"To have confidence when shopping, it goes right after sardines, you need well-read package. Search their Latin name or designation pilchardus 'canned sardines', which will appear in small print next to the composition. If you can contains a different kind of fish, it must be given of 'sardine-type product,' "says
Hana Hoffmann. Some manufacturers, however, have in putting this information on the packaging deficiencies.

The biggest differences between the products tested are shown in sensory evaluation. Expert evaluators assessed the taste, smell, texture and overall appearance of the samples. Canned fish hiding various sizes in varying amounts. Small fish have the disadvantage that the softer meat is more disintegrates, larger more resistant to heat treatment, they are compact but may be fibrous and have a harder flakes.

"The smaller fish we encountered on products Eva, Hame and Adriatic Queen, larger fish were canned Isabel, Jadran and Tesco and Lidl from Nixe. All these were the tastiest and earned a taste very good or good grades. In the test, won Sardines in vegetable oil Jadran, which tasted good and being the best in the tests contained quantities of meat, "says Hoffmann.

Evaluation has been declining for foreign aftertaste, bitter or bland, salty or atypical flavor. Slightly bitter taste can sometimes fish with the remnants of eggs and sperm. The overall flavor of the product is the result of the recipe, it has influence on the freshness of the fish oil used and the amount of salt. The worst in terms of taste came sprats called Baltic sardines brand Big Fish. The product also contained a tail fin, which have not canned sardines, and fish skin was torn. Similarly landed small sprats called Baltic sardines King Oscar brand. The problem with the presence of the tail fin, which does not allow legislation, should one third of the products tested.

One tin of sardines allegedly gives to man all the necessary daily dose of vitamin B 12, more than half the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D and a quarter of the daily dose of vitamin B 3. Bones in rybičkách besides providing delicious taste also a great source of calcium. Forget or not be in selenium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, copper and zinc, which body can also be obtained from sardine. Sardines among excellent fat sources with an optimal fatty acid composition.

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