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Car in Europe: what to prepare?

Did you know that the European Union today there are more than 110 existing types of driving licenses, including that of international? However, we need to travel around the area of ​​common driving license issued in the Czech Republic. And a few extra little things.

For starters, we have good news. If this is going to go on vacation by car, you'll be glad that the driving license issued in one of the EU countries is valid in other states of this grouping. Czech driving license may be under the Europe Agreement even use in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. In some destinations, however, you must have a valid driver's license in addition to carry a proof of vehicle registration (registration certificate). It is also useful to add a confirmation of car insurance, the so-called green card. As a safety travel is also recommended to take out insurance for the vehicle and travel insurance for all passengers.
You never know what you may be on European roads meet.

Important information before traveling to verify

In most countries the minimum age for driving a car 18 years. In selected EU countries, such limits are for some drivers higher or lower (for example, for those just starting out), or there may be some additional requirements. Elsewhere, on the other hand, a maximum age limit for driving, which is between 65 and 75 years. Each journey by own car in the EU you insure your vehicle automatically without any extra cost from the law guarantees minimum coverage, which also applies to Iceland, Norway and Switzerland. Before any expedition it is better to check that the cover extends to travel along a particular state.

Alcohol caution

Before leaving, rather, make sure your expired license. The important information is that you can not drive abroad with a provisional license or a temporary certificate of license.
In all European Union countries have a responsibility when driving seat belts in the front and rear seats. If the vehicle is traveling child must be secured in a child safety seat.
In the case of speed limits and blood alcohol level, however, member states diverge. In most states are permitted blood alcohol level of 0.5 per mille, while others are tolerated blood alcohol level ranges from 0.2 to 0.8 per thousand. Other countries, among which include the Czech Republic, do not allow the management of any blood alcohol level.

Management hired vehicle

The minimum age for renting a vehicle is not within the EU determined, usually between 20 and 23 years. In some countries it is necessary to purchase a certified power of attorney to operate it. These rules, however, vary between countries, so it is necessary before traveling to obtain current information from a particular destination. Also note the minimum age for driving a vehicle in the country. While in Italy, for example, you can get a license to drive a moped from 14 years in Belgium to 16 years, so in Belgium may not drive a moped until the completion of the stated age, even if you have a valid driver's license.

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