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The Prodigy, uncompromising legend returning to Well-being

The Prodigy, uncompromising legend returning to Well-being According to a poll by the British magazine Mixmag as The Prodigy best dance band in history. Festival organizers Welfare doubt about it. If you have some of the big names on the twentieth anniversary of Trencin Festival repeat, it is the best candidate just this wild threesome.

The Prodigy have a large fan base in the Slovak Republic but also in our country. Mad rolling bulldozer in whose music is thought out every detail must be seen and heard live. Welfare so attributed to this year's line-up next Sigur Rós and PJ Harvey another big name and confirms that their genre diversity.

The Prodigy may not keep pace with the times and its trends - they determine trends.
Penetrated into metal clubs, underground sewers and the sparkling hipsterské discos and parties. Brushed aside all prejudices, all doubts about the strength and creativity of electronics and its connection with ferocious live band.

For every year of their careers receive around one million albums sold. On account have 2 Brit Awards, 4 MTV Video Music Awards and 6x MTV Europe Music Awards.
The Prodigy founded in 1990 by Liam Howlett, Keith Flint and Leeroy Thornhill. Later they added Maxim. Already their debut, The Experience is half a year to keep the UK Top 40. Equally successful was the Music for the Jilted Generation, who became leader. From there, the song resonated mainly Vodoo People. The third album of the fat of the land and tracks like Firestarter, Breathe and Smack My Bitch Up made ​​them world stars.
After leaving Leeroye lost album Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned (s successful single Spitfire). From the new album Invaders Must Die zarezonoval most eponymous single and song Omen. Album of the day is my enemy immediately after the release of first place British charts (it really has been true for six consecutive albums from The Prodigy).

Video The Prodigy


7 to 9 July 2016, the airport Trenčín

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