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Exercise and still nehubnete? We advise you to change

Obesity brings no benefits. Does not helped wound healing. Conversely, people who are overweight are more easily formed and wounds heal more difficult. Here are some tips that will make you into a couple of months a few kilos lighter. Without exercise, however, this will not work.

Extra kilos operates in healing a number of complications. Most of them are manifested penetration of infection into the wound and the prolonged and painful healing. Obesity also leads to serious problems, such as diabetes or loss of mobility. Reasons why then finally start to move, it is more than enough. How to regain lost shape and sculpt the character? Choose from the following procedures recommended by top trainers.

1. Try interval training

Intense interval training burns calories more efficiently than traditional kardiosporty (running, cycling, aerobics, zumba, ...), both in the actual exercise and for 24 hours afterwards. As the name suggests, it is an activity composed of several intervals in which you work with different loads. Short, high-intensity intervals interspersed relaxation area, where you exercise with less scope or fully relax.

Second faster Běhejte

If the trot every day and your weight still does not change, try adding a peaceful place run good sprint. When using intensive running fast twitch muscle fibers , which require more energy. Additionally, the organism getting into the so-called oxygen debt, which is necessary to catch up after exertion. This again increases the metabolic activity and body burns calories even after finishing the finish.

3rd Do not worry strengthen

Fats are burned inside of your muscle cells, so to put it simply, the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn them. That is why men often lose weight faster than women - they have more muscle mass and therefore burn fat faster!

4. Monitor changes

At the beginning of weight loss and take a picture. And do so peacefully every day. Although you will initially feel that no changes are seen after a few weeks of regular exercise makes all the difference. And who would not like to see for your success? Photos, measuring waist or hips or testing of jeans to which you were not able to enter a long time, are all ways to increase motivation and stay with the workout longer than the first week in January.

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