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Gloss Safety Line - How can bullying at school to go so far?

Medialisation recent brutal case of bullying teachers remind us that not everyone can imagine how it happens that the situation goes so far. Bullying groups, classes, schools, namely arise from day to day ...

Bullying has its stages and its own laws. From the initial elimination member of the group, through the creation of a strong core of aggressors and fixing crooked standards group, to the totalitarian rule of bullying, where the victim has no chance to defend himself. In the later stages of the lost natural courage to stand up to the aggressors, we tell a different view, highlight the iniquities. I "honest students" are going to be paralyzed, take the standards set by the aggressors, the situation as natural.

Fear that the aggression did not turn against them, the silent majority holding back from making anything done to stop the bullying. Silence is but in this case, taken as agreement with what is happening. The key must be uncompromising attitude of the school management, which must be regularly mapped risk areas, have set open communication between teachers and students, clearly defined rules and most importantly do not be afraid to admit mistakes and foremost is openly addressed.

We would like everyone to all the groups and collectives there were people who dare to express their disapproval. Just as it did a couple of students at the Secondary Technical School in Prague Malešice. Thank you for your courage!

Peter Porubský, head of the Safety Line
Catherine Schmid, head of the Family Line

Source: tz Safety Line

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