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When the radio or scarlet fever According to what it can recognize

Scarlet fever is a classical childhood disease. However, we can not definitely be taken lightly and try to cure it at home using teas and tiles on the neck. When appears on the body of the young patient any rash, go immediately to the doctor. Infectivity may be used in this disease, only one of the big problems.

Scarlet fever is a disease of children between 5 and 15 years. It is caused by bacteria from the group streptococci, thus the same, which is also responsible for angina. But also produces a toxin that causes scarlet red skin rash. This is the most typical symptom of scarlet fever.

Skin suggest the diagnosis

At the beginning of the rash usually it reminds reddening as if sunburned and may itch. First appears on the neck and face, but typically misses the area around the mouth, which is washed out. Then spreads to the trunk and the rest of the body. Routine is darker red edging or border of the elbows, knees and groin. Around the sixth day of the rash usually fades and the skin may begin to peel (this condition persists for up to ten days). And other symptoms of scarlet fever?
Raspberry language - a deep red color.
Pain in the neck - appears almost always. Tonsils may be red or have white skin and swallowing painful.
Fever - another typical indicator of the disease. In children, usually accompanied by fever, aches, loss of appetite or vomiting.

Attention, danger of infection!

Individuals having scarlet fever bacteria spread by saliva and mucus when sneezing and coughing. Here are some tips to prevent infection:
After contact with a sick child wash your hands and learn even their offspring.
Do not use the same utensils - Set aside a special children's toothbrush, cutlery, glasses, plates, etc.
Cover your mouth and nose with a veil.
This coverage can when coughing or sneezing mitigate the risk of infection.
When washing dishes, toys and other supplies either try to use the dishwasher, or really hot water.

Self-medication does not work

If a child appears sore throat, rash and fever, it is important to consult a doctor. It may prescribe antibiotics after which the disease usually subsides. Medication is usually necessary to take ten days. Scarlet fever is considered a serious childhood disease and untreated can reach up to conditions associated with impaired heart or kidney function. For accurate diagnosis doctor likely will order a throat swab to confirm or refute the presence of streptococcus.

The patient relieve

To alleviate the symptoms of scarlet fever can make several measures to improve mental and physical well being of the patient.
Fever can withhold antipyretics.
You can use ibuprofen, which is a product suitable for children. Reduces fever while acting against neck pain.
Serve the sick especially soft or liquid food, like soup or vice versa cool popsicles to ease the swelling in his throat.
Pay attention to drinking regime. A child with a fever is at risk of dehydration, therefore, must take plenty of fluids.
Avoid irritating substances neck
- during illness Nakuru home and do not use strong cleaners.

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