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Novoměstský milk-pan for the fourth time

Wealth regions of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, March 5, 2016 re-presented at the New Town Hall. Artisans and farmers to Prague personally bring genuine products that arise with respect for tradition and also with regard to the requirements of modern times. The novelty of spring Krajacich workshop will bake homemade bread.

In the pleasant atmosphere of the historic area of ​​New Town Hall, visitors can enjoy not only a wide range of original crafts and local foods, from toys and ceramics to beer and sausages. There is also an accompanying music program, creative workshops for children and adults, or places to visit other places of interest different regions.

"We want to highlight the active inhabitants of the region who, by their entrepreneurial co-creates the unique character of the places where they live. They offer a story that on the shelf in the supermarket hard to find, "says
Catherine Čadilová of the Association of regional brands, which Krajacich organizing jointly with the New Town Hall.

Novoměstský milk-pan in the same place held for the fourth time in spring and autumn. Last attracted 2,500 visitors. "The people in Prague is growing interest in the products and services that are local and quality. For consumers, it is increasingly important to know what you are buying and from whom, "explains the growing interest Čadilová.

The event is free and suitable for the whole family. "The New Town Hall is located in the heart of New Town, which was founded in the 14th century by Charles IV. just for growing craft and trade guilds. Imagine there craftsmen and farmers from across the country who through their work follow the best thing is for us to prosper and thrive, corresponds to the original intention of the founder. "D odává director of the New Town Hall, Albert Kubišta.

Most of the products offered are part of a broad family of regional brands, which already brings together over 1,000 manufacturers and service providers from 26 regions. Every product, service or tourism experience needs to become a regional brand to meet the predefined criteria, which include the link to the region, demonstrable product quality and environmental friendliness.

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