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The wolf appears in Sumava, it fotopasti captured a large part of its territory

Wolf, moving the Bohemian Forest, captured fotopasti example Železnorudsko, but also Lipenski or in the Novohradské Mountains. Several photographs of concealed devices placed in the central part of Sumava. For the full year 2015, we have registered and more than five such indirect observations, the highest in the whole time management of the National Park Sumava used for observation fotopasti.

"Currently we use in the field fotopastí more than it was, say, ten years ago, and because we have more tangible evidence of the occurrence of a wolf. Meanwhile certainly can not speak of a pack or even a stable population or reproduction has not been confirmed, however, it seems that their presence is becoming more common, "explains zoologist Sumava National Park Administration Ludek Bufka.

"Wolves can not miss a day of tens of kilometers. It is therefore possible that the same individual is passed over two or three days past several fotopastí spaced more than 100 km. So we can reliably say that the Sumava ranges up to a few individuals wolf, "said
Ludek Bufka.

Most likely it is the origin of animals called. European lowland population that the Baltics and Eastern Europe in the past extended to Poland, northern and eastern Germany, and from there to the wolves migrating south and west. Their expansion confirms the improving state of conservation, not only in protected areas.

"The wolf is a very adaptable. Can largely populated by people adapt to the landscape and is primarily bound to the wild territory. Yet we have but lately shows that silent environment becomes core territories of wolves. Forest and in the future may be in their appearance to play a vital role, "said Dave Bufka.

People but the wolves need not worry. It's a very shy creature who shuns human contact.
In addition, the Forest offers a sufficient food supply for these beasts, in the form of deer, so there should not be any frequent attacks on livestock.

"I have the great pleasure that trend. It just confirms that the Sumava in the right direction and nature protection makes sense. This beast really need to worry about. Fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale, which aims to entertain and frighten children. Wolf is not a stupid animal, on the contrary, is clever enough to avoid the man. Few people know that the wolves move since the 80s and hurt anyone, "says the director
of the National Park Sumava Pavel Thin.

"I am convinced that in the coming years, maybe five, maximum ten years, the wolf pack in Sumava settle. But it depends only on us, if them the space to live and we will not be disposed of, as it was until recently. But I believe that human thought and knowledge has already moved on, "concludes
Paul Lean.


The biggest canine beast. The average weight of 30-40 kg adult. At first glance resembles a canine breed German shepherd. Unlike him, but it has much wider head, nose sharper, more obliquely as eyes and small triangular ears. In the Czech lands wolf was hunted and persecuted since the Middle Ages, a temporary increase in the wolf population in the Czech Republic was recorded only in the Thirty Years War, his condition rapidly declining. At the Bohemian Forest were the last specimens were caught between 1891 and 1894. Currently, the wolf among the protected animals and hunting is criminal.

Source: tz Sumava NP

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