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Syria: The health care system in Azaz on the verge of collapse

Syria: The health care system in Azaz on the verge of collapse Heavy fighting in Azaz in northern Syria uprooted tens of thousands of people. The health care system, which was already devastated before, is now on the verge of collapse. MSF warned that any escalation of the fighting further deepen the humanitarian crisis in the area.

People are fleeing to the border with Turkey, where they are seeking greater safety. The latest estimates indicate 30 thousand newcomers. Most people live outside the camps for the displaced where they live tens of thousands who have fled the conflict earlier.

Continued fighting in the meantime developed extreme pressure on an already devastated health care system. Several smaller hospitals and medical facilities in the area of ​​Azaz and in rural areas around the city of Aleppo hit in the last two weeks of air raids. Among them were at least three hospital supported by MSF.

"The area of Azaz suffered in this brutal war, some of the biggest losses, even though there is provision of health care again under threat," said Muskilda Zancada, Head of Mission for MSF in Syria. "We are very concerned about the situation in the south area of Azaz, where medical staff because of fears for his life and had to flee the hospital either completely stopped working, or provide limited emergency care. "

MSF is asking the warring parties to take the necessary measures to prevent further massive displacement and a deepening humanitarian crisis. Attacks on the few remaining functional health facilities must stop immediately. Must be stopped fighting and bombing in densely populated areas, at least until such time as people will be able to go to safe locations with access to basic services.

MSF also warned that congested humanitarian organizations already have problems with shelter, water, food and sanitation facilities, newcomers to people and not be able to help. "The camps have no spare capacity for acceptance of newcomers," said Muskilda Zancada. " the danger is that people - including small children and elderly people - get stuck, at least for a few days outside in freezing weather. We expect that this will have serious consequences for their health. Concerns have primarily from pneumonia. "

MSF teams distributed in Azaz basic means of survival such as tents and blankets. So far helped eight hundred families. Fears have especially for people living outside the camps who do not get virtually no help.

Currently, 160 teams provide medical consultations a day, most of them are related to respiratory tract infections.

Health care in Syria found itself in the viewfinder bombs and missiles and collapsed

Source: tz MSF, editorially modified

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