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Bedroom in 2016: back to nature

Whether for you this year in a sign of moving, or just planning to revive the bedroom, you should know what to focus on when furnishing. Improperly selected bed or discordant colors overall impression may well rest entirely destroyed.

According to foreign designers will be in 2016 to govern natural materials, simplicity, quality and environmental focus. With these timeless rules you can furnish a comfortable and cozy bedroom for years.

Carpet can replace the original bamboo flooring

Feel of the room is always most affect large areas. When furnishing the bedroom because nicely take the floor. If you have carpet in the bedroom, use this year to transform - parquet and laminate floors are much easier to maintain and more trendy. If you want something more original, try bamboo flooring. This environmentally friendly material is highly resistant to mechanical scratching and sunlight. Smaller rugs or carpets with high fiber rather use only the recovery room.

Wood not only on the floor. This year, find themselves on the wall

The overall impression of the bedroom and determines the color of the surface of the walls. This year is dominated by earth tones complemented by contrasting color. If you tune into the bedroom beige, cinnamon or gray, you can revive one wall paint must turquoise or yellow. Returning reports and wallpaper. Allow for a decent, whose task is cozier room rather than to attract attention.

If you like to follow trends, do not be afraid to apply natural elements wall. Thanks rustic wooden or industrial stone wall behind your bed in your bedroom will look like a magazine about housing. For natural materials on the wall but decide only if you have more bedrooms and higher ceilings.

Minimalist bed leaves more space for accessories

How well do you feel in the bedroom, of course, depends much on the choice of the bed. The basis for this year's massive wood. Cheaper beds of softer woods such as pine or spruce. More pay for a bed made ​​of beech, birch or oak. "The bed of a lighter oak bedroom optically brighten up the darker walnut her into a luxurious room in the house," stressed Peter Triščíková of MT furniture. "Letošku dominated by bright, bold and simple lines. In addition, if you choose to simply solved bed, you can experiment more with supplements, "she said Triščíková.

One of the supplements, which attracts at first glance, is strong, freestanding mirror that visually expand the space. Likewise, for this year, trends and metal accessories. For example, choose a gold table lamp, a strong standing lamp made of ferrous metals or nightstand with elements of steel or brass. If you are thinking only of little change, reach for decorative pillows interwoven cloth of gold.

I mattress returns to nature. Popular are bio foam

Quality sleep is crucial combination of frames and mattresses. Everyone has different body proportions and demands, therefore, to take a double bed, two single mattresses to peace. The transition between the two mattresses solve an overcoat. "The bed should get you to extend a minimum length of 25 cm. A width depends on whether you are purchasing a bed to themselves or buying a bed. While previously he was interested even 140centimetrové beds for couples, people today put more emphasis on comfort. At present, it is recommended to let the human adult from 90 to 100 cm, "advises Peter Triščíková.

The trend is breathable mattress with a solid core and the ability to shape and adapt to humans. Important is the point elasticity, which is that the mattress sags only where her push. Environmentally friendly are so-called bio foams which are produced from soy extract and do not burden the environment.

In the bedroom, this year you can also find accessories like the garden

Simplicity, purity and return to nature recorded and bedding. More often then you meet with bedding made from organic cotton and duvets, goose and duck feathers. If you are across the room, holding more discreet tones, you can just bedding, pillows and other accessories in bright colors to choose.

Designers this year in addition to the interior and brought rough natural fabric used in the garden. Fear not therefore take into the bedroom, for example, decorative pillows and curtains of sacking burlap fabric. And do not forget, in the bedroom spend an average of one-third of life, give yourself so when arranging the matter.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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