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Fighting the flu is complicated by fluctuating blood sugar for diabetics

In those days we were registered in the Czech Republic flu epidemic. Annually causes this viral disease health problems for thousands of residents, this year he succumbed to seven patients. The most commonly occurs among schoolchildren and adolescents, it becomes poorer in the elderly or diabetics.

In people with diabetes complicating disease their health fluctuating blood sugar, which can reduce the immunity and the body is thus susceptible to the flu. For diabetics it is also very complicated treatment of flu, as many preparations against this viral disease contain high sugar levels.

"For diabetics are twice as likely to develop serious complications. They must first of all pay attention to the sugar content, which often contain syrups or cough drops. For sure, it is best to always inform the pharmacy, "says MD. Pavel Hanzelka, senior consultant for LR Health & Beauty. Diabetics should follow him mainly supply liquids, since the action of infections automatically increases the blood sugar. When the amount exceeds a certain threshold, ie. Renal threshold, the sugar begins to exude from the body in urine. It is therefore necessary to drink at least three liters of fluid a day to losses incurred through perspiration and excretion replenish. Suitable as herbal or green tea, mineral water, coffee from melts or water with lemon.

If it is at least partially possible experts especially during epidemics, avoiding spaces, where once there are a large number of people. These functions include cafes, cinemas, but also a means of public transport. Respiratory tract infections, including influenza, in fact spread primarily by droplet infection through the air.

In addition to these recommended measures must diabetics flu forget the standard treatment, which should adhere more closely. At least four times a day should measure blood glucose values, and certainly not to stop taking insulin regularly, even if they have a reduced appetite. If the sugar level to hold at higher levels, it is necessary to determine the amount of ketones in the urine. In the absence of glucose in the bloodstream begins to draw energy from body fat stores, but they must first decompose just for ketones. Their low levels of excretion are not harmful, but the infection can influence their share grow and with it the threat of the patient.

Sugar and immunity interact

If a person suffers from diabetes and does not have the disease under control, the immunity of the body is automatically lowered. Regular checks can reveal higher blood sugar levels, based on the results, one can establish specific measures. The ideal level is from 4 to 5.6 mmol / liter of blood, is slightly elevated to 7 mmoles / liter, the value of 7 mmol / liter is fatal. When the sugar is higher, the organism is more susceptible to any infection. During each infectious disease in diabetics is longer and more difficult.

Whether it is an illness of any kind, the first and significant step, preventive measures. That's more true for people who have to cope with disabilities throughout the year. The crucial task is to strengthen the immune system, among other things, decreases due to hypothermia and lack of vitamins. The human body is then targeted for infection. The recommended source of vitamin C are vegetables and fruits that we consume in the form of juice. Diabetics, however, must again babysit sugars and accurately gauge how much they can drink or eat the fruit itself. It is also appropriate use of supplements, it is necessary to determine their sugar content. "The market offers a range of products that contain high levels of vitamin C and are sugar-free. But it needs to watch the conjunction 'no added sugar'. That marked products are suitable for diabetics. The sugar content in them is below 0.5 grams per 100 milliliters, "explained MD. Pavel Hanzelka.

Influenza can cause type I diabetes

Influenza is not only dangerous for diabetics, may also run as Type I diabetes, where the virus started in the organism immune response incorrect. If a person is already weakened by previous infections, allergies, stress or antibiotic treatment creates in the body such conditions under which antibodies attack the cells in the pancreas instead of the flu. If this process goes quickly and the disease is likely to finding high levels of sugar in the blood, most are already beta cells are destroyed and human choice than to start injecting insulin. According to statistics, this type of diabetes suffers with us about 75 thousand people. Most patients, however, diagnosed with type II diabetes. When the pancreas produces insulin but the body can not process.

In the Czech Republic with diabetes treated around 800,000 people in Europe are almost 60 million people. According to forecasts, the number has to continue to grow. In 2040 could reach 71 million diabetics. Currently there is no causal treatment, that is, those who would treat the diabetes itself. The only option is for the patient change in eating habits, lifestyle, and regular checks of blood sugar. Although in our healing diabetic 800,000 people, according to estimates of the International Diabetes Federation is around 300,000 adults diagnosed at all.

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