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The price of water increased again. How to save in the bathroom?

Even this year, with most towns touches the water price increases. In the capital city of Prague residents pay extra for this year compared to last year by 1.73% more in Brno by almost one percent. Will raise prices in northern Bohemia, where people pay for water, one of the highest prices in the country ..

Changes in water pricing, although not on složenkách. Just think ecologically and not to waste water.

Routine daily household consumes several hundred liters of water

Neither this year left water price for most Czech households unchanged. Locals per cubic meter of water will pay 79 CZK, 75.14 CZK citizens of Brno. In the largest cities, the price is still holding below the national average. Worse it, residents of northern Bohemia, some a thousand liters of water this year will pay even 98 CZK. Although it may seem that a thousand liters of water is enough for a long time, a family of four it consumes less than three days. According to data from the Czech Statistical Office 2014 has a man living in the Prague average consumption of 106 liters of water per day. Prague is followed by the South Moravian Region with 91.5 liters of water per person per day. For comparison - the national average is 87.3 liters.

Most of the water we use in the bathroom. According to the Prague Water Supply and Sewerage was in 2014 on personal hygiene, showering, washing hands and using the toilet consumed an average of 71 liters of water a day. Even when the water price increase, however, can generally save. Even some seemingly little things in the bathroom We will monitor are invited for billing itself positively.

Do not waste water unnecessarily

A large part of us leaving the water running when brushing their teeth. More environmentally friendly but is impregnated water into the crucible. More than 2 ounces of water for rinsing the mouth and rinse toothbrush usually needed. And if so, can you fill the cup back. Otherwise flows too easily and 10 liters of water per minute cleaning teeth. The same applies for hand washing. Even during soaping hands we do not need water.

Repair dripping faucet and flowing toilet

A disorder that seems trivial at first, looking at the bill banality be immediately cease. "A leaking toilet, but also represent a dripping faucet every month dozens of cubic meters of water addition. Weakly flowing toilet can at an average price paid for water and two and a half thousand crowns a month extra. Expenses for repairs are usually lower than monthly water bill, "recommends Radek Prokop of the Czech family Alcaplast dealing with sanitary equipment, tackle caused the fault as soon as possible. According to the Prague Water and Sewerage may result in poorly flowing toilet leaks up to one cubic meter per day, strongly flowing toilet even two kubíkům.

The shower saves water, time and money

A big saving in water may be more frequent showering instead of relaxing in the tub. While bathing in a tub consume an average of more than one hundred liters of water in the shower flow through a conventional shower hose approximately 10 liters per minute. Quick shower can do it in three minutes, washing your hair may take us a few minutes longer. Almost always, however, greener shower. Change for the better is also acquiring nowadays standard lever mixer. Thanks to them, the faster you set the appropriate water temperature. Too cold or too hot water will not flow unnecessarily long. There saving shower heads, having a lower, but sufficient flow of water. Alternatively, you can lower the water flow to set yourself up so that you do not open the tap fully.

At sufficient toilet flushing and 2 liters of water

If you are planning a bathroom renovation, it pays to think about flushing. In recent years, precisely the flushing recorded a major environmental progress. While previously it was common to use per flush calmly and 12 liters of water, that are now standard dual flush when we choose mostly between 3 and 6 liters. "The lowest possible consumption of Ecology offers flushing system, which uses only 2-4 liters. Cost is the same as for a standard flush, so it is a very economical way. When using the toilet a dozen times a day and save up to 20 liters of water, "said Radek Prokop. Replacing the flushing system is one of the more expensive changes, but the remaining tips are rather small things that help us to save not only money but also the environment.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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