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Test summer tires - not rely on labels

The new summer tire test, which was published by Consumer magazine dTest, this year focused on efficient tires for cars and smaller vehicles lower middle class. It tested 15 tires 225/45 R17 and 16 tires in the 185/65 R15 specification. In the larger category there are three tires with balanced driving characteristics, the less there are now seven, ie less than half.

The seventeen low-profile tires are taken on fast and powerful cars are worn as the Audi A4, BMW 1 Series and 3, DS4 Citroën, Mitsubishi Lancer, Subaru Impreza and others. It can therefore be assumed that their future owners expect them, at least on dry road, sporty performance. "You can offer tires Continental ContiSportContact 5, Vredestein Ultrace Vortech, Yokohama Advan Sport V105, Michelin Pilot Sport 3 and GT Radial Champiro HPY. From tests on drought came with nothing but A's. They are therefore very manageable and stable, have high adhesion, quick response to steering commands and short braking distances, "says Andrew Jánoška, ​​editor dTest.

Mentioned Continental's test winner 17-inch category. He showed the best driving performance not only dry but also in wet conditions. It has little effect on fuel consumption and slowly wears. In order for the second ended with Pirelli P Zero and the trio of exported models closes another expert on dry road Vredestein. Maybe some unexpected common feature best trio is slightly lowered resistance to aquaplaning. Who prefers slow in tires wear, you should get a model Sava Intensa UHP. Its estimated lifespan is over 47,500 km. Also Fulda and Yokohama can withstand over 40,000 kilometers. The worst tire in size 225/45 R17 was Maxxis Vectra Sport 01, which lacks the necessary grip when driving on wet roads.

Fifteen tested are designed for smaller cars of lower middle class, such as the Alfa Romeo Mito, Chevrolet Aveo or Kalos, Dacia Duster, Fiat Punto, Mazda 2 or Renault Clio. "In this dimension won the leadership model Vredestein Sportrac 5. On a wet and dry roads has high adhesion, which ensures good handling and short braking distances. Thanks to a suitable compound for long lasting and minimally affects fuel consumption. "Bargain is Hankook Kinergy Eco K425, which is the cheapest 15-inch tire with balanced driving characteristics. Conversely, due to a very good grip on wet roads do not recommend GT Radial tires Champiro VP1, "says Andrew Jánoška.

More significant deficiencies in the form of a long braking distance and worse handling on wet and has Nankang Green Eco-Sport-2 +. For an idea of ​​the car with GT Radial tires obutými needs to stop on wet asphalt and about 11 meters on wet concrete about 17 meters more than Vredestein. Aquaplaning threatened by this car at a speed of ten kilometers lower than if they were shod with Vredestein rubber.

"We investigated also whether the information provided on the label correspond to the test results. Unfortunately, it turns out that they can not drive too consumers. The 15-inch category only two tires on his results in the test matches the information on the label. The 17-inch category, manufacturers Hankook and Yokohama tested models pretending to be better than they actually are, and marking them not. Some other manufacturers indicate on the label the contrary worse figures than we found in the test, "says Jánoška. Unfortunately, there is no disincentive for manufacturers, if the information on the label is incorrect.

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