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Jaroslav Fragner Gallery invites you on a trip to the Norwegian nature

Monumental sculptures, suspended prospects, original landing or label, simply gallery in nature. These are tourist attractions on the trails woven into the breathtaking Norwegian nature. While in the Czech Republic remain the dominant tourist attractions and monuments, towers, or "sheds" in Norway's contemporary art sensitively set into the landscape.

Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague from February 19 to April 3 several dozen of these realizations is a multimedia exhibition within the project Artscape Norway. Eye-catching creations in the Norwegian countryside is closer to the top three photographers photographs that are themselves works of art. Signed under them Czech-Norwegian photographer Jiri Havran, operating in the Czech Republic and author Philip Šlapal Norwegian photographer Jarle Wæhle r.

Their large format images in Jaroslav Fragner Gallery complements the document frosty earth prospects (Country of Cool Prospects) young filmmaker John Strejcovského and video approaching implementation of selected artifacts on the Norwegian national tourist routes, public squares and open countryside.
The whole project will be completed a two-day workshop and conference in Prague's Vítkov theme options aesthetization particular landscape - Vítkov Hill, involving the Norwegian and Czech artists.

Now Norway bet in 1994 to link tourism, nature conservation and contemporary art. The local authorities then called the 18 national tourist routes crossing the country, which together measure 2,060 km. And they have become milestones landing, prospects and other utility buildings, as well as sculptures or small architecture in the landscape - all designed by young filmmakers from around the world.

Remarkable is not only the result, which annually awards hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world. For domestic environments can be very inspiring way that this "Norwegian miracle" resulted. On the whole concept and individual implementations had worked together ecologists, landscape architects and urban planners, art historians, there were also experts on tourism or government representatives.

Individual installations were selected based on architectural competitions, which were primarily aimed at young architectural generation. The jury chose the best designs that make now a National tourist routes in Norway came alive with hundreds of landings, prospects, staircases, descents to water resources or hike up the mountain slopes, cafés, various exhibitions and information centers. Thanks to the inventiveness makers were thus made available until then unknown corners of the Norwegian landscape.

The project also gradually joined by artists of world renown - for example, British sculptor Tony Cragg, his Indian colleague Anish Kapoor and Italian Luciano Fabro. Not only names, but also the power of art sculptures attracted to visit the works in "Norwegian gallery in the open air." Also art contributes to the considerable economic success of the entire project.

"I can think of many better examples of the blending of architecture, art and public space than just a project of the National tourist routes in Norway. They additionally adorned with simplicity and resignation on the effects and ostentation. Identifying with individual seats narcotic Norwegian nature, the existing fixed reference points in the landscape. They offer experience associated with memory and experience of visitors, "says exhibition Artscape Norway, one of its curators, Dan Merta from the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery.

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Photo to tz: Filip Šlapal and Jiri Havran source PRESS

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