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Deadly canapes or should be considered also for allergy sufferers!

One in twenty adult Bohemia suffers from a food allergy. Enjoy tempting goodies at social events can be quite problematic. We have a few tips on how you served refreshments fearlessly indulge - but needed the cooperation of all involved.

Since 2014, the obligation to inform about potential allergens also applies to non-prepacked foods. Fall into this category as well as meals in restaurants, canteens or fast food outlets. Among the fourteen items on the list of most common allergens such. Shellfish, milk, fish, peanuts or nuts. Although the public nor the owners of these restaurants did not meet the mandatory list with great understanding, they make life easier for the Czechs, who form a food allergy sufferers. These are not insignificant part of the population - the symptoms of hypersensitivity occur in 7% of children and 5% of adults. Speeches are different from scratching or itching of the language through vomiting and hives to life-threatening swelling of the throat and anaphylactic shock.

Do not be afraid to speak up

If you are in a restaurant menu does not, you can go a few streets next. It is different in the case of corporate events, conferences or social seating. In this case always depends on communication, ideally before the event. The initiative should rather be on the side of diners who should draw attention to the special requirements regarding their needs. It is not just allergy sufferers, but also diabetics and coeliacs. Suppliers on entertainment, then, is to ensure a sufficiently wide range of snacks that will satisfy special dietary necessities for all people.

For satisfied guests

What precautions can be taken by the hosts?
Suitable is a wide range of dishes to choose and those with dietary restrictions.
Consistent should be the labeling of foods containing allergens and food, which in contact with them just arrived.
Workers should receive training on food allergies and food preparation.
The organizer should make sure to avoid unnecessary contamination and foods containing allergens were prepared separately.
It is necessary to timely inform the companies providing catering for special dietary needs.

Trained staff is essential

All persons responsible for refreshments, including cooks, waiters and managers should have basic information about food allergies. Employees should be trained in communication, food labeling and knowledge of hidden allergens. It is also important to know the ways that can lead to contamination of food allergen without him alone dish contained. These include cutting one cutting board or use the same spoon for stirring. If the company is unable to meet the needs of diners possible solution is to agree on the preparation or heating food brought by.

People with food allergies are the same guests as anyone else, and therefore it is in the best interest of all the companies supplying refreshments are able to meet their needs. To do this it is necessary cooperation and active communication without bias on both sides.

Source: Pollen služ

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