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The start of the period breakups

According to the scientists have only 2/3 of all couples most relationship problems especially during January and February. The culprit is primarily emotional stress and certain balancing associated with the end of the year. Not forgetting the overall physical and mental exhaustion, during that period, perhaps threaten anyone, and it is quite often adds post-Christmas financial hangover.

Often the problems in relations sign and infidelity, not only as a result of buoyant Christmas parties. In January, the partners moreover gradate quarrels that were over Christmas deliberately suppressed. The crisis is gradually increasing, and up to 2/5 of couples this onslaught neustojí and shatter.


According to the Czech Statistical Office, while not yet known complete data for 2015, however, until the end of September last year, the court issued a decision of the Czech Republic by 19.2 thousand divorces. Although this was roughly about 600 divorces less than a year earlier, but it is expected that the overall data for 2015 will be quite similar to the previous year, when it was divorced about 26,800 people.

Emotional burden and economic impact

For all involved, the track is undoubtedly a great emotional burden that is not easy to handle. Some people cope with it very long and very hard, even though they themselves initiated the breakup. The negative impact on their children prefer not to mention.

A not insignificant factor is the economic track, which is almost immediately reflected in the drastic financial collapse of the former partners. It is also interesting findings that are common loans or mortgages that literally forcing people to remain in a dysfunctional volumes. Sami would tighten their payment, thus voluntarily remain in relationships that are unpromising. Sometimes it according to surveys, is three years longer than their financial situation will calm down enough that they can afford to go on an incorrect relation.

Breakups The Italian had nefrčí, hit the storerooms

Other couples on the contrary, they break very easily and quickly. "Some even went so fast that they are able to move out within a few minutes of your partner literally on the street. He simply could pack things, throws a bag behind doors or him even his stuff in the heat of passion vyhází straight out the window, "says Andrew Šubrt of companies Less Mess Storage and adds that this is the last time and why they company is always at the beginning in pursuing increased demand for storage areas.

"When we internally investigated the cause of this phenomenon, with surprise we found that diverging partner uses a storage cubby as a relatively painless way to get rid of the other things. Then do not have to deal with lawyers counterparties that blew this or that and his expartnera being damaged, "shaking his head over this growing phenomenon Šubrt, adding that for many, this solution is quick, cheap, and for both sides is relatively gentle.

People are afraid of the legal consequences

Lawyers confirm that people with similar cases already publicized increasingly afraid of the legal consequences of his actions. When not downright impulsively, then you better forward test how far they can proceed in such cases. Publicly accessible storage space for them elegant form as his expartnera quickly and move along with it after the break as much as possible to minimize personal contact.

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