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Silver bothers a hard surface, pearls again drought

Jewelry and watches have become an integral part of not only social but also everyday outfit. Whether a diamond necklace or jewelery, each piece should be given due diligence to ensure its durability and aesthetic value. Why should plated jewelry not come into contact with water or why it is necessary steel jewelry separated from the other, explain in the next article.

Jewelry bothers too much light and air access

When storing jewelry at home give first attention to the fact that they are not too exposed to the air, sudden fluctuations in temperature, heat or glare. Jewelry does not indicate any contact with chlorine, cosmetics and other sources of chemicals that act aggressively on their surface, changing its color and damage them. Recommended alternative storage jewelry, for example, they are packaged in tissue paper or a sack. "Generally the best way to preserve the jewelry store them in boxes or original box in which jewelry was purchased. Secondly, those guarantees drought and darkness, while the inlaid soft padding, which keeps jewelry and shiny without any damage, whether it is about earrings, rings and cufflinks, "says Irena Dubovská (Company Presence). According to experts, the jewelry should be stored separately to not touch each other. This will avoid unpleasant tangling the various pieces together, but also to prevent damage. In the case of bracelets and chains, particularly ground, bending it is dangerous because it can break or break. Also, jewelery is very fragile and susceptible to breakage.

Steel Jewelry separate from the others, they can scratch softer metals

Some types of metal to each other and react negatively excessive contact with each other may be damaged. With other types of metals should therefore not come into contact with the popular steel or diamond jewelry. Both of them represent very hard materials may scratch or otherwise damage the jewelry softer and brittle metals, such as gold or silver.

Silver blackening subject to sufficient cleaning brush and paste

Among the stars in the world of jewelry is clearly one of those silver or silver-plated. Now it however often threatens blackening due to air. This can delay such as packing of silver into the tissue and subsequent storage in boxes. Even so, time begins to blacken and silver series must come clean. On the market as a special wipes that are designed just for the purification of gold or silver. It is also effective ultrasound. For home cleaning but make do with a toothbrush and toothpaste ordinary.

Gold does not require special care

Unlike silver gold is less susceptible to tarnishing. For gold alloys with other metals (ie. White gold), but there is a wear surface layer, which, however jeweler simply resumes. Gold separate from any contact with chlorine, detergents, hair dyes or perfumes. When storing gold jewelry you do not need to follow any special principles. Just only store dry and dark, ideally in a jewelry box.

Pearls before storing, wipe clean water

On the contrary, they require special storage jewelery containing genuine pearls. They tend to be freshwater or seawater and each differs in intensity of gloss or whiteness, which is due to different strengths of the individual layers of nacre from which the pearl is composed. Pearly necklaces or other jewelry that contains beads, experts recommend before storing it in boxes wipe with a cloth dampened with clean water. Otherwise risk losing their luster, color, or the risk of cracking. If a piece of jewelry contains glued pearls, never expose it to water, especially hot. Perla could indeed come off.

U watch out for the dust and cracking strap

Susceptible to damage are also watches that should be properly stored in a dark place and resealable. Suitable as a special storage boxes to watch. This will prevent mechanical damage, where can watch fatally damage the fall, hit or scratched glass another subject. Saving boxes could keep watch also against the effects of dust and other debris that may restrict the functioning of the movement. In addition, dust particles are easily absorbed into the surface of the leather strap that consequently changes its color and texture. The skin is a porous material, which does not indicate any contact with water, particularly hot and salty, or steam. In addition, the water can damage the functionality hodinkového movement or aesthetic surface of the dial. "Kozeny strap is harmful and excessive drought. Longevity will support regular lubricating the skin with a special formulation based on oil or cream that hydrates it and prevents cracking, "says Irena Dubovská.

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