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Iva Bittová and Mucha Quartet enchants Czech Slovak vocal Bela Bartok

The phenomenal singer and violinist Iva Bittová managed with the young Slovak Mucha Quartet on tour together in five Czech cities that met their fans and other supporters especially folk music with a remarkable project that extremely sensitive processing to unique results lifelong work of the brilliant composer and musicologist Bela Bartok, which gathered thousands of tunes Slovak folk songs.

Renowned Slovak composer Vladimír Godár adjusted for Iva Bittová and String Quartet Mucha some Slovak folk songs from Bartok collection called Slovak vocal.
Charming new version, which does not suffer from excessive stiffness and academia, sounds between 24th and November 28 in the Wallachian Zašová in Ostrava, Hradec Kralove, Brno and Prague. The tour is accompanied by release of the album Slovak voice, which was released this year by the Slovak baboon Records label in December and continues in the Slovak Republic.

Today, worldwide known author and an excellent pianist Bela Bartok was not only admired by the composer, but he was also the most important etnomuzikologům early twentieth century. Since he grew up in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (in 1881, he was born in Romania today Sânnicolau Mare), concentrating mainly on the folklore of his country. So much so thoroughly that only his collection of Slovak folk songs (and I must add that collection of songs, Hungarian and Romanian are larger), which grew until his death in exile in America in 1945, now includes more than 3,200 entries.

Slovak vocal represent 44 selected tunes, optimistic joyful and nostalgic songs. Some of them are just brief and acts as a fragment or a sketch, but still fascinate diversity, their musical ideas and sometimes unexpected wit. Wonderful way by combining spontaneity still lush melodies, superb singing administration and sensitive instrumental accompaniment. Folkloric roots that encounter with the world of artistic composition and Iva Bittová's voice again confirms its versatility and excellent performance skills. "Transcription Vladimir Godar Slovak songs from Bela Bartok me again allowed to penetrate into the musical world of folklore," says Iva Bittová.

Well-known singer, violinist and actress Iva Bittová is often referred to as "musical chameleonku". Her path led through the Brno Conservatory between now legends Moravian alternative scene, and from then on the international scene, including New York's Carnegie Hall. Shot is not an exaggeration admirable. Is not it strange musical performances or programs aimed at children, sang rock band Danube and opera arias, folk songs individually interprets that tested the experimental jazz and violin arrangements of classical music, and collaborated with the American avant-garde groupings Bang On A Can All Stars. Today Iva Bittová often accompanied by the adjective "phenomenal" and Slovak vocal album is already thirty-fifth in her discography.

The Slovakian composer Vladimir Godar, who is also the holder of two Czech Lions for the music for the films Return of the Idiot and the Sun, co Iva Bittová for years. Their musical event include the soundtrack to the film Landscape, composition Ecce Puer to the text of James Joyce, or project-Bridges Gešarim in 2001. They probably best known work together is fabulous album Mater in 2006.

Slovak Mucha Quartet is dedicated to the interpretation of music from the period of high classicism to the present and consists Juraj Tomka (first violin), Andrei Baran (second violin), Veronika Prokešová (viola) and Pavol Mucha (cello). Since 2003, when it was founded by the Bratislava Conservatory, she performs regularly, including many festivals such as Prague Spring or the Bordeaux String Quartet Festival. He played well during a visit of Queen Elizabeth II. the Slovak Republic and celebrated his debut in 2011 in the Luxembourg Philharmonic. Accompanied by a number of awards: at the 21st international competitions Janacek in Brno Quartet won first prize for his interpretation of the song is a winner Josef Windisch Preis in Vienna, holds 3rd prizes from international competitions Gianni Bergamo Classic Music Awards in Lugano or first price at the International chamber music competition of Antonin Dvorak in Prague. "the Mucha quartet, the very young and talented body from Bratislava, we are in a relatively short amount of time studying the material wonderfully played. Their youthful energy refreshed and inspired my interpretation, "says Iva Bittová.

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