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Unique Danube floodplain forests on the outskirts of Vienna is growing

Meadows, floodplain forests, oxbows, ponds, orchids or Turtle. One of the last big floodplain area along the Danube between Vienna and Bratislava, this year celebrates 20 years since the publication of the national park and spreads. Informed the foreign office Vienna.

Danube-Auen National Park, the area between Vienna and Bratislava are among the unique nature. Right on the edge of Vienna's Danube spills into the swamp forests, which are interwoven with dozens of river channels and unique mokřadovými meadows. Floodplain forests, meadows and canals are also home to hundreds of species of plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

Over thirty kilometer long belt between Vienna and Bratislava, while in the eighties almost disappeared. The site was created hydroelectric power. Population resistance eventually forced the Austrian government to reconsider the project and in a unique area of ​​the dam site was a national park. He yesterday celebrated 20 years since its founding.

Now, on this occasion he told his manager that the protected area will still grow by 277 hectares. Part of the protected area will be 17 hectares and the City of Vienna.

The Austrian capital and the Danube-Auen National Park will be connected. "Even today, while the city of Vienna manages the intricate network of cycle paths and hiking trails, offers tours or boat rides and manages the visitor center," says Vienna Mayor Michael Häupl.


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