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A new kind Nosal in Prague Zoo

Nosal belong in zoos among the most popular species. The Prague Zoo has long been bred Coati, which is now being replaced by a much rarer species, Nosal bělohubým. At present there is already a fixture of two females that come from Magdeburg Zoo. In the next year be able to add another male.

Coati is included in the list of invasive species that in case of escape into the wild, they can pose a threat to native species. In contrast, the coati bělohubý not only among animals is not invasive, but it is in its natural habitat threatened by environmental destruction and hunting.

Nosal bělohubý in the wild mainly found in Central America. Unlike related Nosal raccoons are active during the day when they move mostly on the ground, but a long snout and look for food in the trees. They feed on small animals, fruits and tubers. Males are more solitary, but females and young live in groups of social life. The cubs are born after hidden in a tree cavity or nest. From Nosal red-white tinged with different nose and a less prominent banding on the tail.

While we Nosal red in European zoos could find about one thousand, Nosal bělohubí of them have almost vanished - at present there is in Europe a mere forty. In the enclosure at Prague Zoo is currently on display Nosal three - in addition to two female sugar glider bělohubého, which will be added next year and male inhabits exposure also our last Coati.

Source: tz Prague Zoo
Photo to tz: Petr Hamerník, Prague Zoo

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