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Helps children with disabilities gentle giant and music

Linking animal assisted therapy and music therapy is a great combination that can do wonders. Is an interesting method came Catherine Vaňáková students, Prokop Vanya, James Čefelín and Vit Marsalek. Together with the Irish wolfhound Ray went on a tour of the families with disabled children in the Czech Republic and introduced an alternative treatment that everyone enjoys.

The project called wolfhound and music heals arose spontaneously. "I was with Ray devote therapy dog for quite a long time and the guys around me have again sniffed music therapy. One evening I received an e-mail that is open to new wave SmartUpu, O2 Foundation program for people under 26 years old who looks smart projects with an interesting idea. And in that moment I realized that connect canisterapii with music therapy. So I called Cuba, Prokop and Vitek, if you with me go. And the boys went. At that time we did not know that we are perhaps the only ones in the world who have linked these therapies, "begins a story Catherine, author of the project.

Canistherapy means healing contact of man and dog. Dogs have their very presence can induce a good mood. And that smile cures, no doubt. Music therapy is a therapeutic agent then, as the name suggests, the music. Music can affect heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, muscle tension or motor function. It is used to alleviate the fear, pain and anxiety.

The main role of the Irish Wolfhound

When students put on the internet challenge that offers therapy, broke the avalanche of candidates who did not go to stop. "With great nervousness we went to the first treatment, and success was immediate. With exceptions, the children quickly became friends with Ray. Our Irish Wolfhound has emerged as a champion for therapy dog, a gentle giant with a big area for petting. Children entertained and boys, young rockers who always took off the mask rough and punched variety of rhythms with ozvučnými wood sticks, "says Catherine.

Lots of people do therapy with such a big dog can not even imagine. "I think this stereotype, we were able to immediately refute even moms are always right fondle. Big dog knows great miracles and how we followed the therapy could convince. Even that children tolerated the big dog in its territory was a great success, they could cuddle, work-out and a bit of it to us opečovaly. For example, we participated on O2 Family Day, where we had the opportunity to showcase our project. And that's where we met a little child who had been bitten dog and owner with dogs since feared. After a few minutes getting acquainted already with Ray and hugged goodbye and Ray got a kiss on the head, "says Catherine.

Students combinations canistherapy and music will cover several issues at once. All are adapted according to specific needs and governed mainly by what the clients and Ray pleasant. "We wanted to be in such a diversification of the holidays and the rest from exercise and other annoyances. Often people ask us, what do we all. I think that thanks to such projects become the richest people. Thanks to all the amazing people we met children who we have become, dare I say, good friends. A mother moved to see that you very much, is the largest award. And we have a vacation managed 163 clients, "says Catherine.
Families who suffer any disability, are often helpless and without sufficient information. The greatest achievement of students considered an extension of the methods and achievements therapy alone. In the future they would like wandering families again, to show families what they can do to pass some advice and connect them to organizations where they can offer these services free of charge.

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