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Patients with dental enamel erosion is increasing, often among teenagers

Disruption and gradual decline of tooth enamel suffer a large number of patients for dental surgeries. Although enamel erosion or loss affects all ages, dentists and dental hygienists warn that due to frequent drinking sodas and fruit juices issues affecting enamel increasingly more children as a teenager. They warn that due enamel lost teeth are less resilient and thus more susceptible to other damage, including attack by caries.

"The incidence of tooth enamel erosion is due to the increasing consumption of beverages and foods containing acids on the rise. Erosion affects most of his front teeth and I must say that this damage may be seen in the office very often teenagers who drink large quantities of drinks wheel type, which contain acids and sugars. And it is for tooth enamel dangerous combination, "says dentist Dental Centre Ořechovka James Miketa. He adds that harms teeth mostly long washing enamel by acidic drinks, so their frequent drinking, the total amount of drinks so it does not matter.

Dental enamel is the hardest tissue in the human body. Externally covers dental crown, whereby those parts of the tooth, which are stored under glass protects. Disruption or softening the enamel can still stop and fix it. If, however, already lost enamel, it is irreversible.

Erosion of tooth enamel may indicate increased tooth sensitivity and discolouration, cracks and of course the lack of enamel. "If you experience an increased sensitivity of the teeth or notice enamel defects, be sure to tell your dentist and dental hygienist," appeals to patients, dentist James Miketa.

What else threatens tooth enamel?

Enamel harms most of all plaque. Teeth are formed continuously, and therefore it needs
periodically removed properly and carefully brushing. In the wake of plaque - in terms of harmful effects on the enamel - the chemical effects of acidic foods and drinks, including the popular wheeled soft drinks, juices and baby sweetened pitíček. "Contained acid naleptávají enamel surface and it is then much more susceptible to damage and loss . Therefore, never clean your teeth immediately after consuming acidic fruit or drinks, but not earlier than half an hour after that, "says dental hygienist Tereza Svobodová.

The cause erosion of tooth enamel can be acidic digestive juices that enter the mouth when frequent vomiting. For example, during pregnancy, bulimia or alcoholics. "Damaging a gradual grinding of enamel of the teeth can also cause a tongue piercing, described are also cases of erosion of enamel after taking ecstasy, methamphetamine and also after frequent sipping energy drinks," says dentist James Miketa . They tend macrobiotic diet again because of hard enamel bitten on the biting surfaces of the teeth, as well as people who grind teeth in his sleep.

Also, teeth whitening and OTC products without professional supervision of a dentist or dental hygienist may have unpredictable consequences. "Definitely we do not recommend using bleach tooth powders, which can irreversibly to abrade the surface of the tooth enamel. Likewise, the use of bleaching abrasive toothpastes, which may lead to loss of enamel, "Dental experts agree with the center.

Prevention and timely rectification pays off

The sooner a patient with problems with tooth enamel to surgery comes, the solution is simpler and cheaper. The dentist would have erosions diagnose at an early stage. A treatment is just the degree of damage depends. At a small loss of enamel is needed primarily to prevent further loss of enamel, which is possible by adjusting eating habits, proper use of dental appliances and consistent adherence to proper tooth brushing techniques. With all patients to consult a dental hygienist. "If erosion has increased tooth sensitivity occurs, the patient also recommend the use of special pastes and mouthwashes for home use. It is also possible to impregnate the sensitive portions of the teeth special preparations, "dental hygienist Teresa Svobodová. It notes that, for new patients are very often encountered with damage to enamel in the cervical area of ​​the teeth due to the use of hard toothbrush and wrong way to clean teeth.

If you have suffered extensive loss of teeth enamel treatment they belong in the hands of a dentist. "If there has to erosion, loss of tooth enamel greater degree, according to the degree of disability need to overlay the tooth defect white (photo composite) fillings. When large scale loss of enamel must be made on a ceramic tooth veneers or crown, "says dentist James Miketa.

For preventing erosion and even the overall health of the teeth is needed not only to ensure regular checks at the dentist and dental hygiene but also proper care at home. "Avoid prolonged exposure of acidic drinks and food on the teeth, eventually, after they had eaten, rinse your mouth with water . Use toothpaste with fluoride, soft toothbrush and learn the proper technique of brushing your teeth, "says dental hygienist Tereza Svobodová.

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