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Seniors painted their substation

Magnifying bygone substation is one of the ways to revitalize public space in various cities in the Czech Republic. A pilot project last year was Jihlava, which covered professional painting. New arrangements have also been made in the sand substation, which revived under the brush strokes local seniors. The event will continue in other Czech and Moravian towns.

Substation "Medical School" in the street Exhibition in the sand during the last week of September has changed thanks to seniors from the local Academy of Art and Culture, who under the guidance of teacher Mgr. Lenka Termannové painted their entire wall transformer. "Our school was asked for designs for a substation for E.ON. I painted about 10 colorful designs and came up with the idea to participate in the realization of our students from the Academy lll. age. They liked it here in the sand leave its mark, "said the project Písek Termannová.

The first painting was created in Jihlava

Písecký example shows that inconspicuous building substations may become an interesting visual element Czech towns. "Citizens of sand on a new form substation responded very positively. Just after the publication of photos on the Facebook profile of the city was painting seniors over 40 positive responses, "said Christina Barchini, spokeswoman town of Pisek.

The first ever customized transformer station have since August last year in Jihlava. The realization was invited Jan Kaláb or Point, a legend of Czech street art, which is known worldwide thanks to a series of successful exhibitions in Argentina, Germany or the United States. Substation in Jihlava, which painted a posprejoval, bears the name of Geometric Camouflage. Compositions of colored geometric shapes reacts to environment Jihlava settlement in which the transformer is located.

Continued Kyjov or Humpolci

In both cities were painted substation energy company, which approached with this idea, the local town hall. "Substation are a normal part of town, but not always a fully representative objects. We therefore decided to meliorate their appearance and support the recovery of public space, "said Charles Stephen of E.ON.
The project will be thanks to the positive reception to the public to continue at least in two other cities. "First Moravian Kyjov is where we want to realize the painting even during the month of October. The spring of next year, is again scheduled painting substation Humpolci, where he will collect from sent graphic designs, "adds Lukáš Svoboda from E.ON.

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