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Čankišou first time in the club Eleven and straight with a guest

Čankišou band, which with its wild rhythms roztancovává audience from the island of Reunion after Malaysian Borneo, a Wednesday, November 9, 2016 in making its premiere in Brno club and concert Eleven revive guest.

Čankišou released before a packed and musically very varied sixth album Supa, who in addition to last year's baptism actually in Brno club but still a performance of. You will have the opportunity just next week. The band premiered their music enters a one legged people Čanki Club Eleven, which has not yet played.

Gentlemen of Čankišou besides preparing some interesting surprise. Ensemble will be a guest musician Michael Reich on the Mongolian stringed instrument morinchur and bass. Additionally, the band dusted off some now almost historical songs. So you can look forward to a good allocation age proven but also new pieces, a lot of positive energy rolling down from the podium and wild dancing party under him.

Čankišou band since 1998, toured with his eclectic dance music based on ancient legend Čanki people nearly 20 countries. It has six albums and several nominations at the Music Angel Award in the category of world music and successes in foreign music charts.

So remember:
Wednesday, November 9, 2016 from 20 h in Brno club Eleven Dominican 11th

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