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Guide to the places where they were going, only the brave

Tempted by locations steeped in superstitions and legends? Do you like the inexplicable phenomena and natural monuments? Throughout the world there are thousands of places that are shrouded in a haze of mystery. Some are even closer than you think.

What we offer the world

Eye of Africa. The giant circle with a diameter of about 50 kilometers looks from above like a giant eye. A notable structure is the African Mauritania. Because it is in the middle of the Sahara desert, visited her yet, only a few hundred travelers.
Stone balls. In Costa Rica hundreds regular stone formations, ranging from a few centimeters up to two and half meters. They were discovered in the burning of land for agricultural needs. Probably created by human activities, their origin is still debated.
Nazca. In the South American Peru contains more than 300 patterns consisting of bright lines that depict figures and geometric shapes.
Hotel del Salto. Sometime it was the accommodation for the rich Colombian clients. On the edge of a cliff with a breathtaking waterfall Tequendama hotel now slowly deteriorating. The reason for the crash was severe water pollution in the area and the high number of suicides is throwing off a cliff into the abyss.
Temples of Ajanta Caves. This rock complex represents the pinnacle of ancient Indian culture. The caves are available for inspection ancient paintings, but also admired the temples carved by Buddhist monks.
Glass Beach in California. The so-called Glass Beach is located in a state park MacKerricher on západoamerickém coast. The entire beach is studded with colored stones and pebbles. Initially it means that an extensive landfill that was in the last century discarded. Over the years, however, managed to smooth the waves of the sea glass, porcelain and other materials into neat pebbles.
Pamukkale. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Turkey. Natural cascade of lakes are known for its thermal springs and turquoise blue water.
Leshan Giant Buddha. The statue 71 meters tall is the largest representation of Buddha in the world. It stands at the Chinese city of Leshan and originated 300 years long. Positioned at the confluence of three rivers, and its task was to protect ships passing in front of troubled waters.
Giant's Causeway. Stone Organ in Northern Ireland are the result of ancient volcanic eruptions. Basalt columns create natural cliffs leading to the sea and continued well below its level.
Gateway to hell. A crater on the territory of Turkmenistan, like cut from the legends of the underworld. Located in the Karakum Desert near the oasis and was due to natural gas leak. The crater is burning continuously for over 40 years and despite considerable efforts by the government has so far failed to close it.

Mystery at hand

For those who somehow unique and special place, but not because of traveling halfway around the world, you need not despair. Many of them are located in Europe or directly in our country. Among the biggest mysteries in Europe include Edinburgh Castle, a haunted house in Borgvattnetu in Sweden or special Romanian forest Hoia Baciu. The Czech Republic is undoubtedly a popular destination Ossuary in Kutna Hora, an ancient place of sacrifice Bull Rock Cave in the Moravian Karst, the largest Czech menhir Stone Shepherd or gateway is Houska Castle.

Whether you go uncovers mysteries anywhere, certainly not forget the travel insurance . Although it will not protect you from ghosts, mysterious creatures or negative energy, but you will watch your back in case of illness, injury or loss of luggage.

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