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Illegal hunting of elephants standing in Africa $ 25 million a year - on revenues from tourism

25 million a year, the researchers quantified the economic losses from lost income from tourism. The cause is flourishing illegal hunting of elephants. Informed about the journal Nature Communications. A comparison of the losses and costs of stopping the disappearance of elephant populations by scientists based rescue elephants as a cost-effective solution.

The study brought together as conservationists from WWF and scientists from Cambridge University and Vermont. This is the first continent-wide assessment of the economic losses that illegal hunting Elephants brings only on tourism.

"There's always been a strong ethical and moral obligation to protect elephants, but not everyone with them identify with," says Robin Naidoo from WWF, who led the study. "Our research shows that investing in protecting elephants is a smart, economical solution for many African countries . "

Poachers kill between 20 and 30 thousand African elephants per year. This is due to elephant tusks, which are a valuable component of Eastern medicine. Due to the acquisition and smuggling of ivory was organized crime. Over the past decade, the population of African elephants shrank by twenty percent.

The scientists showed that loss of revenue from tourism exceeds the costs required to stop poaching. "The protection of elephants simply pays and makes economic sense," says Andrew Balmford of the University of Cambridge. For every dollar invested in protecting elephants, according to scientists back $ 1.78 in revenue from tourism.

Scientists point out that in some African countries where tourism is not as developed, it will be necessary to use other than economic arguments.


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