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VILOmeniny: The Štvanici will be a big circus!

VILA Chase again opens the floodgates for children! On Friday and Saturday 11 and 12 November 2016, hosts the 2nd annual festival full of theater and music for small, large and old alike. Do not sit at home, come and do VILOmeniny!

After last year's very successful first year of the festival VILOmeniny are once again invited to the villa Štvanice children and parents. The villa is on two dreary, November days turns into a colorful circus ring that you put a theater, a concert, a series of staging sketches a new drama for children and plenty of accompanying program, as are playful yoga for children, circus exhibition, art workshops, or VILAmovánky (Circus VILA) - art-interactive fighting game with worksheets throughout VILE (last year it was attended by over 200 children!). The program is aimed at viewers from three years to infinity.

"The festival was created in 2015 in order to bring to the villa viewers who routinely here nezavítají, although even for them is in the repertoire of the second year, several productions. At the same time the show brings a playful, original theater, full of wit and fantasy, from corners of the country to which you are obviously with the family themselves just nevypravili ... "says VILOmeninách dramaturge Helena Kebrtová.

Hot tip festival is staging the premiere of family stories Small big Earl, in which you Geisslers Hofcomoedianten on stilts, puppets and live presenting the virtues and pettiness of Count Spork. Do not miss the fun staging Radovan Little Theatre of the Czech Budejovice, which is slowly becoming a phenomenon of alternative and puppet theaters. Also in the variety theater really stepped on the gas and, in addition Beauties tremendous show you how they can make music for children in Most - with the band (No) dloubej your nose! And who wants to have fun and learn something about what the kids plays in the world should not forget triplets (t) measurement, presentation or workshop outputs translation agencies DILIA in the form of a series of scenic sketches performed by the three theaters.

VILOmeniny in a charismatic environment VILLAS Chase are non-traditional theater festival that you enjoy you and your children. Ironed a frock and naleštěte patent shoe, but both should be left at home. Štvanice will be a big circus !.

VILOmeniny - festival for small, large and large audience filled with theater and music
11 to 12 November 2016, VILA Chase

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