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Before you snap the rain and snow, or useful tips for winterizing gardens

Before the advent of frost, it is necessary to prepare the garden for the winter season. Snow, frost and generally higher rainfall because it may leave some parts of the house and gardens undesirable consequences.

People often forget example for maintenance of overhead trays and irrigation systems or for storage of building material, which can significantly impair water. We give you tips what you need to fix before winter. You have a high time ..

Outdoor drains and gutters free of impurities

If you're building a house thought to the installation of drainage systems will get cold easier. Outdoor gutters is routed into drains excess water from snowmelt and prevent waterlogging of the house and gardens. Before the arrival of the winter season Therefore, make sure that the gutters allow sufficient flow. "The optimum flow for outdoor troughs is at least 250 liters per minute. Maintaining gutters is not difficult because the drain is easy access for removal of the grid are special hooks. It is then possible to remove fallen leaves, grass and sand. The drain tray, grid and other parts of the system just wash under running water and reinstall it, "says Radka Prokop (Alcaplast). Gutters should be cleaned even roof gutters to prevent overflow of meltwater, or the accumulation of snow and subsequent collapse of the gutter. "The winter season also simplified checking traps roof sediment, which provides drainage from the roof directly into the sewer system, thus preventing the accumulation of water in the garden and around house, "said Prokop.

The pool drop water and rinse filtration

Most of the modern swimming pool has been designed to overcome the winter, including the water content simply to reduce the water level to about 10 centimeters below the return jets and skimmer. This, however, does not apply to swimming pools, concrete or tile are facing - they are necessary to delete it completely. It also requires a pool and water to get rid of sediment and other impurities, even above the water level and along the pool. This maintenance should be carried out at a water temperature between 10 to 15 ° C. Also important is the control of pH and water hardness as well as the state of chlorine. Do not forget other spa equipment, such as filtration, heat pump and the like. This equipment is needed to flush, disassemble, disconnect hoses or entirely replaced. At the end of the water, add antifreeze agent, a swimming pool covered with a cloth and store technology to a place where the temperature does not drop below 0 ° C.

Untapped building material store in a dry place

Autumn is an ideal time to perform construction work on the house and garden. Czechs often regarded pavement, isolating the perimeter wall and set off on reconstruction of roofs. The problem arises at the moment when left building material. His winterizing would in fact definitely not underestimate. "Just not enough overlay sheet and the material could be damaged during the winter. Some building materials such as aerated concrete blocks Although survive, but not, for example, stand in a puddle, otherwise they will lose their properties. Building material because store on a flat surface, and place it under sail, "recommends Thomas Viktořík ( and also adds that the material should ideally be stored under a roof so was spared the direct effects of the elements. Most of the building material can for safety reasons consist of up to a height of two meters, otherwise there is a landslide. Do not underestimate neither the issue of security, because in the winter they are stealing building materials are relatively common.

All parts of the irrigation system Drain

Winterizing should pass and all outdoor watering. This is primarily necessary to thoroughly dewatered, including underground portions. Frozen water may in fact cause punctures or other damage. Before you start removing the excess water, disconnect the system from the main water supply. Parts that are hidden underground, can be drained either automatically or manually pressurized air through a compressor. If some parts of the system, such as for solenoid valves, or the flow computers hours risk of damage due to winter weather, remove them.

Source: tz, editorially modified

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