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Your child does not fit into the team? Here are four tips to help him in finding friends

A child suffering from nocturnal enuresis, can be in establishing relationships with peers shy and timid. Parents, however, can help a lot - not only accommodating, but also nonviolent training.

Every parent knows that school and extracurricular relationships are important. Friends enrich our lives, share the joy with us and help us to better endure any hardship. Learning how to build successful relationships with peers is a crucial skill for children, they will use throughout their lives. We have a few recommendations that can help offspring find a bunch of good friends.

Train introductions at home. If you find that your child is shy to communicate with peers, try familiarizing rehearse "rough". For individuals who require more intensive management, experts recommend the use of so-called. "Social script". These are the simple daily conversations that children can practice with their parents. You can work with the school psychologist or psychotherapist select scripts and create for the child a strategy for building relationships.

Teach a child friendly skills.
As a parent, you are a model. The friendship is necessarily one second please or be able to help him. Your offspring can rehearse these skills when together with you for instance. Ill bring food or neighbor to paint a picture for birthday grandparents. Then you can create a greeting card for a friend or a friend.

Do not disable the visit. Open your home to your child's friends. If you are acquainted with a friend, it is appropriate to invite him at least occasionally to his home. Help choose the appropriate action to be both entertained. This may be a social game or watching a fairy tale. Make your home a comfortable place for your child's playmate. First, you can watch how their friendship matures, and at the same time you can control with whom the child friends.

Beware of teasing and bullying. Teasing is often included children's games, but everything has its limits. It may be that the child complains that someone at school laugh, or even hurt him. In this case it is necessary to contact parents and school representative troublemakers.

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