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Norwegian salmon contain toxic pesticides, but "underwent liposuction"

Among consumers has recently spread the news about dangerous chemicals in meat Norwegian salmon. The magazine decided dTest favorite seafood delicacy checked in laboratory tests to determine whether the reports on something true. And although not confirmed the presence of chemicals, not everyone salmon came out of the test well.

Hoax circulating the Internet warns containing neurotoxin in Norwegian salmon originating from breeding farms. He even called salmon one of the most venomous fish in the world. "To verify the veracity of the information purchased are in Czech stores ten smoked salmon from fish farms and undergo a series of chemical, microbiological and sensory tests," says Hana Hoffmann, editor-dTest and supplies "in terms of chemical contaminants that all the test samples in order. Results of our probe into the salmon market is thus to Internet reports diverged. "

Worse findings, however, brought the microbiological analysis, which appeared in two cases the presence of dangerous bacteria Listeria monocytogenes. "Salmon Club del mar brand still contained below threshold and therefore safe amount of bacteria. Inadequate assessment, however, took the product Smoked Salmon Traditionally Norwegian brand Connosieur, which we bought in Tesco chain. We discovered it at 45x limit is exceeded and immediately inform the supervisory authorities and consumers, "says Hoffmann. Incriminated batch was immediately after the announcement of withdrawal and the other three have undergone official control, which had none of them excessive amount of listeria found.

Besides safety tests focused on nutritionally interesting substances, namely fish oil and omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Those on their packaging declared only half of the products, even by this December will pay an obligation to indicate such information. Identified fat has therefore been compared primarily with scientific data on fat content of farmed salmon. "The results surprised us uncomfortable. While sources indicate the fat content of salmon in the range of 8-13%, we measured values fluctuated mostly around 7% in the case OceanSea Norwegian Smoked Salmon sank measured fat content up to 4.3%. So it seems that the way to our plate of salmon farms undergoing regular liposuction, "says Hoffmann continues:" Significant mediocrity compared with scientific tables was evident from the results of measurement of most of the selected polyunsaturated fatty acids. For example, sources say an average 2% omega-3 fatty acids in our test but we measured a maximum of 1%, and that for the product Norwegian Smoked Salmon Almar, who also in terms of the content of health beneficial nutrients carried the highest satisfactory mark. "

The fat content was generally the most problematic categories of the test. Conversely, any product, without exception, have gone through in search of undesirable substances - besides pesticides sought lab tests and heavy metals, PCBs and dioxins, and all the products you have won a very good rating. "The overall winner was Fjord Bohemia Norwegian smoked salmon, which took in sensory tests very pleasant smell, taste, appearance and consistency. Marking bargain he took OceanSea Norwegian salmon Smoked Salmon from Lidl, thanks to good results in sensory testing and reasonable price, "concludes Hoffmann test smoked salmon.

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